Capsa has acquired Tryten!

Capsa Healthcare is pleased to announce that the company has acquired Tryten Technologies Inc. Tryten is known for thoughtful, simple, slim-profile carts that support virtual care, patient experience, and customized mobility solutions for medical devices in practically any care setting. The Tryten brand of mobile computing carts and workstations is an important expansion of Capsa Healthcare’s point-of-care product line and further positions Capsa as a leading innovator in healthcare delivery solutions for hospitals, extended care, and retail pharmacy providers worldwide.

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Virtual Care Carts

Whether you’re a few floors away or across the country, virtual care carts help you bring the specialist to the patient. Tryten solutions support a wide range of medical devices and telehealth peripherals to make it easy to carry out effective evaluation, treatment assistance, supervision.

  • Telemedicine Carts
  • Telehealth Carts
  • Telestroke Carts
  • Virtual Rounding Carts
  • Patient Observation Carts
  • Virtual Nursing Carts
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Patient Experience Carts

As you shift focus to delivering improved, holistic patient-centered care, the tools and technology you require are changing. Patient experience carts have you covered.

  • Bedside EHR Portal Carts
  • Patient Registration Carts
  • Video Remote Interpretation Carts
  • Virtual Visiting Carts
  • Entertainment Carts
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Medical Device Carts

From ultrasound to telecardiology, vital sign monitoring and beyond, we help you store, move, and use today’s smaller and more powerful medical devices.

  • Ultrasound Carts
  • Endoscope Carts
  • Vital Sign Monitoring Carts
  • Cardiology Carts
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Tryten Mobile Workstations

Tryten solutions are lightweight, versatile, and easy to maneuver mobile carts for a wide range of applications. The Tryten S series are lightweight, small-footprint carts designed for today’s tablets and portable medical devices, including ultrasound, vital sign monitors, and ECG monitors. The Tryten X series are sleek, easy-to-maneuver carts designed to carry larger peripherals, including monitors, all-in-one computers, supply caddies, and more.

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Tryten's Mobility Solutions