Looking For Capsa Healthcare’s Kirby Lester KL60, KL100? See New KL108 Pharmacy Robot

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Capsa Healthcare’s Kirby Lester KL60, KL100: See New KL108 Pharmacy Robot

Thank you for inquiring about Capsa Healthcare’s Kirby Lester KL60 or KL100 robotic pharmacy dispenser. Capsa Healthcare no longer installs new KL60 or KL100 units. Of course, we will service and support our existing KL60 and KL100 robot customers. For questions about service, please contact our Pharmacy Automation specialists at 800.243.2465 or TechSupport@capsahealthcare.com

Upgrade to KL108 Secure Robot

We are proud to offer prospective retail and hospital outpatient pharmacy customers the next-generation Kirby Lester KL108 secure robot.

  • Automates 108 medications, which is 50-60% (or more) of a pharmacy’s total daily prescriptions
  • Revolutionary self-calibrating cassettes
  • Eliminates the frustration, inaccuracy, and problems of other robotic dispensers’ hand-calibrated cassettes
  • Double-lock cassettes
  • Tremendous labor savings
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