CareLink™ Nurse Workstation

Single Sign-On

Optimize clinical workflows, improve security, and save care providers time with the NEW integration of Imprivata Medical Device Access™ and Imprivata Confirm ID™ with the CareLink Nurse Workstation. The integration brings together the advantages of CareLink’s intuitive, flexible mobile workstation, and the N-Sight Remote Fleet Management platform with the Imprivata identity and access management platform.

Single Sign-On Brochure.pdf

For Care Providers

  • Quickly and securely access workstation and patient information*
  • Eliminate the need to remember passwords
  • Save personalized preferences that transfer to every cart in the fleet
  • Access communication tools that allow care providers to receive notifications and send service requests

*Imprivata license(s) required

For Hospital IT

  • Ensure secure access to bins/drawers
  • Allow for tighter auto-lock parameters
  • Have visibility into cart utilization to better manage cart fleet
  • Centrally monitor user access and user tracking