Discover Capsa’s Mobile Medical Workstations at RSNA 2023 

Discover Capsa’s Mobile Medical Workstations at RSNA 2023 

At Capsa Healthcare, we recognize the growing demand for adaptable and mobile workstations capable of accommodating a variety of monitors and devices, making us a leading player in the mobile medical workstation industry. Join us at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) conference in Chicago from November 26-30 where we will showcase our trailblazing mobile medical workstations.  

At Booth 6961, explore our Trio carts and Tryten Monitor and Tablet Carts, which can be tailored to align perfectly with your radiology workflow requirements. These carts are not only customizable but also offer branding options, embodying our commitment to delivering top-tier care and ergonomic solutions to the healthcare sector. 

The Challenge in Radiology Workflow 

We have extensive experience in using computer-aided design (CAD) to enhance the creation of our mobile workstations. Healthcare professionals need mobile cabinets and healthcare carts with everything they need at hand, but the carts must also withstand daily use by multiple users. In radiology, the equipment used on mobile medical carts can be heavy, so the carts must have robust frames and combine an ergonomic design and reduced footprint.  

At the 2022 RSNA conference, the need for streamlined clinical workflow in radiology was emphasized. The impact of the COVID emergency has not lessened in the past year, and radiology departments need efficient, cost-effective equipment, including work carts. At Capsa Healthcare, we have responded to these evolving medical needs by expanding our product lineup to include a variety of categories, such as isolation carts, bedside carts, and medication management carts. 

Capsa Healthcare’s Trio Computing Workstation 

Diagnostic imaging equipment needs a sturdy utility cart that provides space for a computer, monitors, a power supply, and imaging equipment. Capsa’s Trio Computing Workstation fills that bill admirably for medical facilities looking for a medical workstation on wheels that can ease flow problems in time- and personnel-strapped offices and clinics. 

Capsa Healthcare’s Mobile Computing Workstations 

We have been building and customizing mobile computing workstations in all areas of the healthcare industry and have garnered recognition for our ability to design mobile workstations that improve radiology workflow. The benefits of radiology care workstations are innumerable, and include: 

  • Ease of movement. The small footprint of the Trio workstations makes them easy to handle and simple to store. A cart on wheels can be stashed behind a door or in a convenient corner without blocking hallways during high-traffic periods. 
  • Ergonomic comfort. We design all workstations with medical staff in mind. All carts and workstations adjust to multiple heights and angles so radiologists and other users can sit, stand, or kneel as needed during a busy day. 
  • System integration. Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) are compatible with the Trio workstations and the Tryten Monitor and Tablet Carts. 
  • Independence. Reliable and powerful batteries mean radiologists can travel from room to room without concern for electrical outlets. No need to worry about unplugging other devices or stopping to swap batteries or recharge a device. 

  • Sterilization capacity. We design all our workstations to meet the highest infection control standards. A healthcare facility needs equipment that is easy to clean and can take repeated disinfection to keep both patients and healthcare personnel as safe as possible.     

Real-World Impact of Medical Carts 

The Trio workstations are already making a major impact in the radiology world. These highly modifiable carts accept a wide range of customizations and feature N-Sight fleet management software that enables facilities to track cart locations in real-time. In busy radiology departments, this added perk is a benefit that helps reduce wait times and misplaced equipment. 

The Tryten S1, S2, S5, and X1 fleet of Monitor and Tablet carts also enhance workflows and improve patient engagement by providing medical professionals with bedside access. Visit the Capsa booth at the RSNA conference, and let us show you how mobile medical carts can give you:

  • Quality patient care. Carts provide faster diagnostic turnaround, improved data security, and more bedside visits, all of which improve patient care. 
  • Improved staff efficiency. Carts contain organized storage for medical instruments and supplies, allowing doctors to access everything they need, all in one place. Ergonomic equipment reduces user stress and improves care delivery. 
  • Reduced documentation errors. By having mobile carts with electronic medical records, data is entered into the patient’s file immediately, decreasing the number of charting errors. The doctor sees what the radiologist sees and can even discuss the imaging in real-time. 
  • Increased workflow and patient turnaround. Since the carts are easy to use, lightweight, and have a small footprint, radiologists can visit more patients during a shift. This translates into reduced wait time per patient and more imaging per staff member. 

Capsa Carts Meet the Radiology Demand 

The Tryten S1, S2, and S5 carts are in great demand from radiology departments because of their flexibility in monitor mounts. The Tryten S5 Monitor Cart can handle two side-by-side or vertical-mount monitors thanks to a sturdy VESA monitor bracket. The S5 features a phenomenal 68.7″ vertical extension pole, meaning the top monitor can be seen even in a crowded conference room. 

All Tryten carts have generous document surfaces and can be fitted with auxiliary storage bins whenever needed. Part of improved workflow means fixing problems, and using mobile carts as storage solutions can be one answer. Your radiology cart can double as a medical supply cart in a pinch. 

Additional Radiology and Medical Carts 

When you visit the Capsa booth at the RSNA convention, be sure to ask about our other radiology and medical carts. This year, we are highlighting our SlimCart Documentation Cart. This nonpowered, lightweight documentation workstation is a great companion to our other radiology medical carts, thanks to its compact design and narrow casters. Featuring a slide-out mouse tray and a wide work surface, the SlimCart is ideal as a support cart. 

Visit Capsa Healthcare at the RSNA Convention! 

When it’s time to improve your radiology department workflow, you need fast design and quick turnaround from manufacture to delivery. You need workstations on wheels that will give you speed and flexibility in your daily routine and enhance both patient care and staff efficiency. We have both with the Capsa family of custom medical workstations. 

This year, Capsa Healthcare will be at Booth 6961 to answer your questions and arrange for a demonstration of our mobile medical carts. If you’ll be there, come by and see us. If not, call our office at (800) 437-6633 (International +1 (614) 864-9966) or complete our sales form on our contact site. We’ll be in touch right away to discuss your computer workstation needs.