Self-Quiz: Does my pharmacy need Rx counting technology?

Automatic Rx Counting Machines “Technology paralysis” can prevent well-intentioned pharmacy management from taking that first step away from inefficient manual prescription filling processes. Counting by 5’s and the errors that inevitably ensue are proven to sap time and energy from your real goal: value-based care.

How do you know if technology is needed in your pharmacy? Try this.

If any of these challenges occur in your pharmacy, you likely will benefit from some level of pharmacy automation:

  • Tray-and-spatula counting is the norm
  • Physical inventory is not performed frequently (especially controls)
  • Discrepancy between physical inventory and electronic inventory records
  • Concerned about dispensing errors
  • Pharmacists waste valuable time fixing Rx filling errors
  • Technicians don’t use the pharmacy management system to verify the accuracy of each order before filling (correct med, strength, quantity)
  • Daily Rx volume is rising, especially the frequency of  180-, 270- or 360-count orders
  • Common mistake is wrong quantity (e.g., 30-count by habit, but order was for 90)
  • Customer complaints of wrong quantity (especially controls)
  • Need to free up technician and pharmacist time for value-based care
  • Pharmacy insurance agency suggested a “risk-minimizing strategy”
  • Pharmacy environment is stressful and strained
  • It’s difficult to find good pharmacy techs or pharmacists
  • Paid too much in taxes last year (Section 179 in the US tax code applies to all Kirby Lester technology)

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, explore Capsa’s line of Kirby Lester pharmacy automation.

Automation solutions based on your pharmacy’s unique needs

Sometimes, the best technology is the simplest: the basic tablet counter that yields a fast ROI, eliminates problems, lightens the workload. Sometimes, the right technology is mid-level, like a counter with barcode scan-verification to make sure the technician has the right NDC, strength, and quantity before moving the patient order to Pharmacist Check. And sometimes, the right technology is full automation, where the pharmacy needs to make a serious workflow change, to save as much time and energy to focus the staff on value-based care like MTM, immunizations, patient counseling.