The Right Workstations From Capsa Increase Staff Satisfaction & Aid Recruitment

It’s been proven: Three-quarters of U.S. workers say having the right equipment for the job affects their daily outlook.*

That is more prophetic than ever as pharmacy and nursing managers are challenged with hiring enough staff, recruiting great talent, and managing skyrocketing wages. An upfront investment is greatly offset when those Capsa workstations and technologies replace monotonous tasks and increase personal output. Help your staff harness their energy and avoid frustrations (e.g., med errors, workflow bottlenecks, negative customer interactions, inferior med pass resources).

Keep your current staff equipped and motivated — solutions for any extended care setting

Explore Capsa’s complete range of solutions for medication management, supplies organization, and mobile computing for a wide range of extended care facilities:

  • Long-term care
  • Assisted living
  • Hospice
  • Behavioral health facilities
  • Education simulation
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* The Economic Review, 2021

Automated Dispensing – NexsysADC™

Controlled & High-Value Medication Management

NexsysADC is the most secure technology to manage controlled medications, STAT/first doses and electronic “E-Kits”. NexsysADC dramatically improves current manual methods for safely storing and dispensing medications and supplies at the point of care. And NexsysADC is practical (about 40% less than alternative automated dispensing cabinets). At all times, you know what medications are inside each cabinet, who’s accessing them, and what medication is dispensed for a specific patient or procedure (a full “Track & Trace” system).

  • Available in main cabinet or countertop size, plus auxiliary cabinet
  • Configurable for any med room, formulary, or budget
  • Three sizes of Controlled Access Modules: 3″ for small doses, and 6″, 10″ for bulk items
  • Increase visibility to inventory levels
  • DEA compliance
  • Tighten control of controlled meds
  • Reduce waste
  • Simplify documentation
  • Protect against diversion
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NexsysADC Brochure (PDF)

NexsysADC™ Organizes Medication Into 3 Zones

1. CAMs for Controlled Medications & High-Value Medications
Controlled and high-value medications are safely guarded in CAMs (controlled access modules) with tamper-evident locking lids.

  • Each 3″ CAM for unit doses/small items holds up to 25 SKUs
  • Each 6″ and 10″ CAM drawer holds up to 12 SKUs for bulk items/stock bottles (cells are self-configurable)
  • NexsysADC™ main cabinets hold up to 10 CAMs and 4T cabinets hold up to 4 CAMs
  • Clear locking lids and tamper-evidence technology included on each cell.

2. Open Cell Medication Bins for Routine Meds
Routine meds, expensive items like dermal fillers, and surgery kits are efficiently managed in dividable, locked open-matrix bins, with pick-to-light guidance.

3. Storage Drawers for Bulk Supplies & Kits
Bulk supplies and larger items are stowed neatly in configurable, locked supply drawers, with pick-to-light guidance.

NexsysADC™ software tracks inventory and every transaction. You can access data 24/7 from any device, in any location. It’s that simple, that automated, and yes, that affordable for surgery centers and offsite medical facilities.

Medication Carts

Four Distinctive Lines Fit Any Décor

Modern medication storage and organization requires an attractive, configurable medication cart with maximum capacity, durable construction, and premium workflow accessories. These requirements come standard with every Capsa Healthcare medication cart – in four unique styles. We thought of everything to make the nurse’s medication pass simpler, for controlled medication storage, for EMR/EHR computing. Our medication carts easily accommodate any medication delivery system including punch cards, jumbo multi-dose cards, auto-packaging, and unit dose box.

Kirby Lester KL1 Pill Counter

Simple, Fast, Always-Accurate for Inventory Counting/Narc Vault


Institutional pharmacies have 3 important uses for a Kirby Lester KL1 counter. First, to manage physical inventory in the narcotics vault. Second, if you fill for group homes or assisted living clients who prefer medications in vials. Third, if you operate a strip-packaging robot and need to perform regular inventory and restocking. In all three scenarios, hand-counting with a tray-and-spatula or half bottle/full bottle estimations put your inventory integrity at risk. Also, hand-counting is laborious and frequently avoided, or performed only to meet state requirement minimums. Capsa Healthcare provides the best-selling Kirby Lester KL1 counting device. By automating the counting process with this simple device, your staff can effortlessly perform inventory counts and fill vial prescriptions with ease and assurance.

  • Counts almost any tablet/capsule, with no calibration
  • Trusted worldwide in retail pharmacies for its accuracy and speed
  • 14.3 seconds faster (average) than hand-counting for a 90-count
  • Counting speed up to 15/second
  • Simple: No I.T. or computer networking. Just plug in and count.
  • Durable: Years of accurate, trouble-free performance
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Mobile Computing/Telehealth Carts

Simple to Full-Function

Capsa offers a wide range of mobile computing solutions. Choose from simple, non-powered and practical, to full-featured with multiple accessories and storage options. Several options for documentation management, and telepresence or telehealth to facilitate patient-to-outside connection.

Lightweight, Compact, Practical

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Kidney Cart
Ultra-Lightweight Documentation Cart

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Avalo Medical Carts: Secure. Flexible. Reliable.

Avalo Medical Carts: Secure. Flexible. Reliable.

Avalo Medical Carts

Organized, Durable, Secure

From Emergency/Crash Carts to Treatment Carts, Capsa Healthcare offers a wide selection of medicals carts to meet your surgery center needs. The best quality healthcare depends on easy access to the right instruments and supplies. Capsa puts everything clinicians need at their fingertips with fully configurable medical carts designed to promote orderly storage and organization where it matters most. Avalo Medical Carts are adaptable to a multitude of applications, offer proven lock systems, custom configurations, and multiple sizes.