FirstDose Users React To the New NexsysADC

At a recent LTC pharmacy trade show, we interviewed pharmacies that had used our FirstDose technology in the past. They were getting their first look at the newly launched NexsysADC automated dispensing cabinet. Their overall impression: NexsysADC includes exactly what pharmacies need for stringent (and confident) medication management onsite in the LTC facility. It’s a fantastic next-gen technology from FirstDose. Here are some comments.

From Charlotte Hall Veterans Home (Charlotte Hall, MD):

They’ve been longtime users of Capsa’s FirstDose. So FirstDose was a good system, but NexsysADC is great. Their biggest interest was the Controlled Access Module (CAM) automated storage of controlled meds. The CAMs contain individual locking cells that hold one particular medication and are unlocked only when the system gives clearance. CAMs can hold up to 25 SKUs per drawer, so plenty of storage for those drugs that need the highest security. Charlotte Hall staff also loved how in the NexsysADC software, only medications that are loaded inside the cabinet are visible onscreen, so nurses don’t waste any time searching through a long list of medications for the right patient dose. They found the software much easier than FirstDose. They loved the biometric scanning system: it’s quick access, but accountable access.

From Pharmacy Partners of Georgia (Kennesaw, GA):

They like how NexsysADC forces nurses to follow steps. There is real accountability. The pharmacy doesn’t lose money from missed billing or unnecessary courier runs. The patient doesn’t have to wait for the needed dosage. The nurse doesn’t have to wrestle with a complicated computer system. The nursing and pharmacy management teams alike don’t have to worry about accountability or missing doses or diversion.

Bottom line: Charlotte Hall Veterans Home and Pharmacy Partners of Georgia saw right away how NexsysADC was an intelligent next-gen technology, especially for pharmacies already familiar with Capsa’s FirstDose.