GoLiFe Power System

GoLiFe™ Power System

Trio’s GoLiFe power system is built on safe, proven lithium iron phosphate technology, and combines the best of two charging workflow options into one. GoLiFe offers the choice of stand-alone in-base power in three capacity options, or the in-base power can be combined with the GoLiFe external battery to provide extended runtime.


Flexible Power Options


Optimize the Value of your Cart Fleet


Maximize Uptime

Flexible Capacity Options

GoLiFe’s internal battery provides long runtime with highly resilient power output in a choice of three capacity options. When longer runtime is needed the external battery adds the convenience of inserting a charged battery to keep you powered. Both batteries together offer the safest, longest lifespan and the most stable performance.

  • 20 amp in-base power (256Wh) for lightweight, light duty applications, provides 8 hours runtime at 30 watt average usage
  • 40 amp in-base power (512Wh) for medium duty applications, provides 151/2 hours runtime at 30 watt average usage
  • 50 amp in-base power (655Wh) for higher capacity and longer runtime requirements, provides 20 hours of runtime at 30 watt average usage
  • Add the 20 amp external battery to any in-base power option for extra capacity and runtime

GoLiFe™ External Battery

The External Battery can be added to any in-base power option for extra capacity and extended runtimes. The battery is mounted to the lower rear column of the cart and is easily inserted and removed.

Users can easily monitor cart power levels. A touchscreen battery gauge shows capacity, time remaining and charge time for the combined total of the in-base and external batteries. A hand wave near the external battery sensor activates LED lights that indicate the charge level for the external battery.

GoLiFe™ Charging Station

The Charging Station provides a desktop or wall mounted docking station to charge up to three external batteries. The charging station features colored lighting to indicate when charging is complete.

  • Fast charge time, from 3.75 to 4 hours for 2 to 3 batteries
  • Charge rate is equal across multiple batteries
  • Charging status lights on the base indicate level of charge for each batter

Trio™ Computing Workstations

The Trio™ Computing Workstation combines innovative advancements with flexibility to meet the needs of clinical users today and into the future.

  • An intuitive control center provides simple touch screen navigation to a host of informative tools
  • Personally adjustable for optimal comfort with “memory” presets that can be stored in a users profile
  • A slim workstation profile, lightweight design and N-Stride steer assist make each step a little easier
  • Scalable power system with power options that can be integrated with external battery power to meet any runtime requirement

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