Columbus OH, February 16, 2022

Capsa Healthcare is pleased to announce that the company acquired Humanscale Healthcare. Customers of Humanscale Healthcare can rest assured that our highest priority is transitioning your business smoothly. You will receive a personal consultation from your Capsa account manager who will answer any questions you may have. Your account manager will also explain how your existing Humanscale Healthcare products will be serviced with absolutely no gaps – we know this is essential to offering the highest standard of patient care.

In the meantime, for more information:

Phone: 800-437-6633

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TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts

TouchPoint Mobile Technology Carts were designed with caregivers in mind. Applied workspace ergonomics principles were utilized to create a product that addresses and streamlines the workflow challenges of a modern healthcare environment.

The TouchPoint series of workstations-on-wheels (WOWs) features unmatched mobility, valuable space savings, exceptionally easy and comfortable use, lasting durability, high-performance capabilities for both laptops and PCs, and advanced cable management. These sleek, innovative technology carts appeal to today’s healthcare IT challenges, offering caregivers an intuitive, ergonomic IT experience.

MedLink Medication Management

MedLink Medication Management solutions improve patient safety, increase accountability, and streamline workflows. MedLink creates a closed-loop medication management system. First, individual drawers are loaded with medication at the pharmacy, ADC or nursing station. Then each drawer is electronically labeled and assigned to a specific patient.

MedLink™ Pro medication management software retrieves and displays patient data, and aids in the secure delivery of medication by healthcare professionals to promote patient safety.

T7 MedLink™ Medication Management Cart


MedLink Pro Software


ViewPoint Technology Wall Stations

ViewPoint Wall Stations make computer use comfortable and convenient while helping caregivers prioritize their patients. Designed for easy, practical use at both sitting and standing positions, every ViewPoint Wall Station meets the needs of the modern healthcare environment.

V6 Wall Station