Implementation and Deployment — Winning Formula to Ensure Adoption and Efficiency

Implementation and Deployment — Winning Formula to Ensure Adoption and Efficiency

Moving large, sensitive healthcare technology into a live pharmacy environment is a challenge. The Capsa Implementation Team has developed a winning formula for the successful deployment and adoption of our Kirby Lester pharmacy robots. We caught up with Lindi Cole, Deployment Manager, and asked about some of the steps her team takes when deploying Capsa’s largest product.

[Q] Your team leads the installation and training of Capsa’s Kirby Lester robotics. These units are 7 ft. tall, weight 3/4 of a ton, and are sensitive technology. What steps have you and your team taken to ensure successful implementation and deployment?

Capsa’s Kirby Lester pharmacy robotics

[Lindi Cole] We’re working to make it easier for a pharmacy to envision the robot in their facility prior to its arrival. We send new customers a toolkit that helps them assess their space and how the robot will get to its final destination. This is to ensure the safety of the people, building and equipment during the move. It also prevents costly delays due to unforeseen obstacles. As for the setup and implementation process across all of our technology products, we start prepping our customers and internal staff weeks before the equipment arrives at their facility.  A rigorous checklist is followed and weekly status calls are conducted to make sure that everything is in place and everyone is prepped prior to our Implementation Specialist arriving at the customer’s door.

[Q] Can you describe the product training that Capsa provides to customers to ensure adoption, and to optimize efficient use of a newly installed pharmacy robot?

[Lindi Cole] Our training philosophy is geared toward enabling the pharmacy or facility to be self-supportive. We know that staff turnover happens, so we strive to train the designated Super Users to assume responsibility for retraining. While onsite we use the “see one, do one, teach one” approach. The Super Users “see one” training session, then they “do one” training session for Capsa’s Implementation Specialist, and finally they “teach one” training session to their staff while the Capsa Implementation Specialist observes and provides feedback. There are typically several training sessions held during the onsite deployment so Super Users get a lot of opportunity to practice.

[Q] Following the successful pharmacy automation installation, can you elaborate on the service and support Capsa provides to ensure continued success?

[Lindi Cole] Typically our Implementation Specialist follows up throughout the first week post go-live. As part of the process, we introduce you to our Customer Support team for ongoing support needs, and review the features of our customer’s maintenance agreement. We make sure the customer knows the resources that are available as needs arise. We want them to be more than satisfied that the new Kirby Lester robot is filling prescriptions accurately and efficiently and providing better workflow in their pharmacy.

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