Bring in ‘Kirby’ to fill the void, and keep your current staff motivated

Pharmacy managers everywhere are challenged with hiring enough staff, and salaries are skyrocketing. To plug the gap immediately, hire your newest star, ‘Kirby’. Every Kirby Lester automated device trims time, steps and errors from the Rx filling process. That frees up your staff to handle customer counsel, vaccinations, and value-added programs.

Plus, keep your current staff members motivated by equipping them with the tools they need to efficiently do their job, without the hassle of tedious manual processes.

  • 88% of community pharmacies say finding technicians is their #1 problem *
  • 73% say they are dealing with labor shortages by offering higher wages and benefits *

* NCPA 2022 Survey

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New knowledge in 95 seconds! See what’s on the forefront of pharmacy filling technology. Every Kirby Lester aids staffing shortages.

Read: Ontario Pharmacy's Staffing Fix

Installing a KL108 in the Gananoque, ON Pharmasave was “like having another tech for 10 hours a day”, especially during the vaccination push. Read their story.

KL1 Pill Counter

Simple counting for Rx filling and inventory. Small, fast, efficient, and perfect for controlled medication accuracy. Save critical time, especially if you handle 90-day fills and perform frequent inventory counts.

KL1Plus Verification + Counting

Combines a KL1 with scan-verification to safeguard against wrong med, strength, quantity. Inventory software, electronic C-II log, and record-keeping of every fill. Prevent pharmacist’s wasted time researching and correcting a mis-filled script.

KL108 Secure Robot

Revolutionary automation features universal cassette technology and safeguards to completely manage most of your daily scripts. A game-changer for busy pharmacies — especially with staffing gaps. 108 fast-movers fully automated (50-60% or more of your daily total volume).

scripClip Automated Will Call

Staff frustrations are compounded by chaotic “A to Z” storage, scrambling for mis-filed or lost orders, and restocking un-retrieved orders. scripClip directly improves labor drain, Rx accuracy, and profitability in “the last 10 feet”.

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