Meet Trio

Meet Trio

Here to support you, everyday.

Trio Cart
Designed to move with you, making each step a little easier, powering you through your day.
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Trio is your new partner.

We designed Trio to help nurses and other health care professionals throughout their work day (or night) by making a cart that moves with you. Nimble, agile, and flexible, Trio never gets tired.

Our Trio campaign is a salute to the unrelenting spirit of positive energy that our frontline health care workers bring to each and every shift. We know your job isn’t a dance party, but we hope we can make each task a little simpler, and each step a little lighter.

That’s why we designed Trio.

Capsa Healthcare Tio Cart
Features Overview

Trio Feature Mobility

  • Personally adjustable for optimal user comfort including height adjustments and ‘memory’ presets that are stored in each user’s profile and transfer to any cart a user logs into.
  • N-Stride minimizes user strain when pushing the cart through hallways; just engage the handle trigger and it’s smooth sailing.
  • A slim workstation profile, lightweight design and N-Stride steer assist make each step a little easier.

Trio Feature Flexibility

  • Fully adjustable to support personal ergonomic preferences.
  • Trio supports a variety of storage options that are fully configurable and provide ample storage capacity to meet specific application requirements.
  • Complete flexibility in computing workstation configuration and set-up with a range of monitor, keyboard and accessory options.
  • Trio is so adaptable that it can be the one platform to take on the varied applications of computing workstations across your facility

Trio Feature Performance

  • Trio provides the NEW GoLife™ power platform, a flexible hybrid system built on proven technology that allows your facility to choose an option that best meets your runtime needs… supporting up to 24/7 mobile uptime.
  • The enhanced N-Sight fleet management platform helps facilities improve asset utilization, maximize fleet performance and value, and helps prevent issues before they impact clinical workflow.
  • Reliable, dependable platform that allows clinicians to focus on patient care.

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