Mobile Nursing Workstations Advance In Time To Meet New, Urgent Clinical Needs

Mobile Nursing Workstations Advance In Time To Meet New, Urgent Clinical Needs

Rapid improvements in security, mobility, and function provide clinicians more power to boost their level of care, plus their own well-being.

Below are excerpts from HealthTech posted Oct. 21, 2020 and written by Donna Marbury, a journalist specializing in healthcare, technology, smart cities and culture. Marbury’s article, “A Mobile Workstation Evolves to Meet Urgent Clinical  Needs,” included an interview with Steve Torbett, Senior Product Manager for Capsa Healthcare. Torbett recently led the Capsa team in bringing to market the new Trio computing workstations. Trio was conceived to help nurse users manage a wide range of duties more efficiently.

Maneuverability:Nurse workstations with enhanced Maneuverability

“As opposed to a fixed workstation, mobile workstations really provide the maximum opportunity for patient engagement,” Torbett says, noting that the Trio workstations’ ease of transport enhances care delivery at the bedside, whether it’s being taken room-to-room or across the medical complex. Trio also helps ease the physical stress many nurses face during long shifts.

Improved Communication:

Trio improves communication on several levels. First is telehealth connectivity. Trio is equipped with intuitive functions and cloud-based software. Each workstation can be the vital link to connect caregivers and family to patients via videoconferencing. This is an important benefit since visitation restrictions continue during the pandemic. “There have been many cases where a patient was in an isolation unit and not allowed to have visitors,” Torbett says. “That’s where Trio’s telehealth integrations can be impactful to connect patients with their caregivers and loved ones.” The practice of virtual doctor’s rounds continues to be rapidly adopted as more clinicians remotely check in with patients. Second is communication between nursing and I.T. support. Trio has onboard tools that enable clinicians to connect with their support desk, and receive alerts, notifications, or to send service requests in real-time.

Power to Streamline and Track Workflows:

Trio has a patented embedded technology to connect with Capsa’s N-Sight Fleet Management. The fleet of Trio workstations can be configured, managed, and tracked remotely. The system includes analytics and tools to improve asset utilization, keeping carts operational and deployed where they are most needed, extending runtimes and monitoring their use and charging behavior. Nurses can save their personal preferences, such as height presets, which automatically transfer to all other carts in the fleet, notes Torbett. From the simple touch screen, the nurse controls the cart, sees battery levels, adjusts light settings to work in dark rooms without disturbing the patient, and views training videos.

N-Sight Fleet Management:

N-Sight is a Capsa innovation that integrates with other software systems, including help desk for service requests, sending I.T. alerts and monitoring cart locations, providing further benefit for support teams. N-Sight helps the I.T. department avoid unnecessary trips to check on Trio workstations. Torbett says, “From a nursing perspective, it helps I.T. keep the carts ready and available where they are needed, which saves the nurse time instead of looking for carts that are operational.”

Designed For The Nurse:

Trio has a slim design, which makes storage efficient while minimizing the push-pull force for users. It combines a height adjustable work surface, monitor and keyboard with the ability to ergonomically tilt and position both the monitor and keyboard for the comfort of all users. Trio customization can include drawers and bins that lock electronically or dual-lock for added security. MaxBin is a high-capacity flexible storage system that offers more storage higher on the cart, reducing the need to bend over.


“The same cart platform can be customized many different ways for different units’ needs throughout the facility and health system,” Torbett says.

Get a closer look at the Trio mobile computing workstation: