Medical Monitor and Tablet Carts

Our Monitor and Tablet Carts are small, lightweight, flexible platforms for today’s hospitals’ increasingly cloud-based, digital-first point-of-care technology.

Medical Tablet Cart Benefits

Using a tablet or medical monitor cart offers your facility several advantages, including:

  • Protecting user well-being and comfort: An ergonomically designed cart lessens physical strain for users.
  • Promoting better clinical decision-making: Carts bring information directly to the bedside for quick and easy access.
  • Increasing productivity and treatment delivery: Portability and real-time technology access create more efficient workflows.
  • Safeguarding facility assets: Lockable device brackets prevent loss, damage and unauthorized data access.
  • Saving money: Rugged construction and materials withstand clinical environments and frequent sanitization, requiring fewer replacements.

Our Medical Monitor Cart Options

We offer several cart styles and custom-made solutions to meet your facility’s needs for multiple applications.

Tryten Carts

Capsa Healthcare engineers the Tryten Series carts for enhanced patient experiences and telehealth use.

Our Tryten S1 and Tryten S2 models are ideal for creating better patient experiences with a versatile locking framework. Choose the Tryten S5 for extended vertical reach or the Tryten X1 heavy-duty cart for telehealth and videoconferencing.

All options feature innovative design and compatibility with multiple devices and accessories to help you maximize your providers’ time and technology use.

Custom-Designed Solutions

At Capsa Healthcare, we know every sector has unique needs that differ among providers and the care they deliver. Our in-house engineering team is ready to collaborate on a bespoke cart solution, and our professionals assist with every development step, from product design to manufacturing to custom branding.

Why Choose Capsa Healthcare’s Tablet and Monitor Carts?

Our Tryten Series medical monitor and tablet carts are among the industry’s most trusted solutions for many reasons.

Innovative Design

We base our innovative designs on a thorough understanding of provider needs. Our carts are easy to adjust and maneuver while catering to ergonomics and user comfort. Additionally, our forward-thinking engineering offers practical cable management that simplifies hygiene and maintenance.

Robust Security

Our teams developed our carts with adjustable and lockable brackets that help ensure devices of all sizes and types remain in place. Capsa Healthcare has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification for data security, so you can feel confident that our solutions support your facility’s compliance efforts.

Quality Assurance

Capsa Healthcare is committed to stringent quality standards as part of our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Every cart we make undergoes rigorous inspections for quality assurance and your peace of mind.

Trust Capsa Healthcare for Medical Tablet and Monitor Carts

Browse the entire selection below to choose the ideal solution for your specific workflows, or contact us for a virtual demo or custom design consultation.