N-Sight Fleet Management | Asset Utilization

N-Sight™ Fleet Management Software is a cloud-based system that enables Hospital IT to remotely manage and monitor Trio and CareLink point-of-care carts used by clinicians.

N-Sight software offers enhanced analytics to support optimized fleet utilization and simplified user management tools. For clinicians, it’s simple to use with thoughtful tools to facilitate workflow and patient care. For Hospital IT the platform features updated software architecture to make it easy to manage, maintain, and update carts remotely.

In total, N-Sight™ facilitates improved asset utilization, maximizes fleet performance and value, and helps identify and prevent issues before they impact clinicians.

Remote Fleet Management

N-Sight saves IT time managing their cart fleet and the administration of their users. An intuitive dashboard illustrates current battery levels and summarizes fleet performance. The platform provides the ability to locate lost carts, update cart users, their user IDs, PIN codes, and security settings, all remotely.

  • Monitor fleet status and connectivity
  • Locate lost carts through the new cart locator feature (Trio)
  • View cart utilization and identify those not recently accessed
  • Monitor cart access and security PIN codes being utilized

Asset Utilization

N-Sight facilitates asset utilization through optimizing fleet deployment and maximizing the uptime and availability of carts. Evaluate utilization patterns to determine if the number of carts in a unit or facility meets current clinical demands. Maintain cart availability while proactively monitoring cart fleet power levels and performance throughout the facility or network of facilities.

  • Right-size your fleet ensuring the right number of carts in the right place
  • Re-deploy underutilized carts
  • Extend runtimes by adjusting technology settings
  • Monitor cart charging activity for potential training opportunities

Integration with Hospital Systems

To facilitate communication between clinicians, IT, and other hospital departments, N-Sight offers integration with hospital systems that can accept email/SMTP input.

  • Service requests can be emailed to a specified address
  • Email alerts can be configured to notify service team when carts have issues

Pin Code Interface

N-Sight’s Pin Code Interface provides easier user management, promotes faster workflow and improved asset utilization.

An easy to use interface that provides better security and more value from fleet management. Users no longer have to enter and remember PIN codes, which promotes faster workflow and leads to improved asset utilization and access monitoring analysis.