Capsa Healthcare Announces New Financing Arm, Capsa Healthcare Capital

Portland, OR, August 11, 2020

Capsa Healthcare announces the launch of Capsa Healthcare Capital. This fully integrated customer financing operation provides customers with a seamless way to acquire needed Capsa products while safeguarding their internal reserves.

Capsa Healthcare Capital provides flexible, customizable financing solutions that are desirable in today’s challenging business environment. Starting immediately, the company will offer financing services utilizing an entirely digital process, which is desirable in today’s COVID-19 environment. For more information, visit

“Cash-intensive purchasing strategies are a thing of the past. In our new economic environment, our customers indicated they need additional ways to acquire much-needed solutions that don’t over-extend their resources,” says John Himmelstein, Capsa’s Senior Vice President. “With Capsa Healthcare Capital, we can deliver an unmatched level of personalized funding.”

Capsa Healthcare Capital’s launch is timely. Customers in all of Capsa’s segments may be enduring revenue stream disruptions and margin compression in the wake of COVID-19. Capsa Healthcare Capital strengthens the partnership between the customer and Capsa with a cohesive start-to-finish approach: starting with expert consultation on the right Capsa products, and continuing through financing, deployment, training, and 24/7 customer support.

“Healthcare professionals shouldn’t waste time shopping around or accept obsolete, inflexible borrowing terms to make essential investments,” Himmelstein says. “We are eliminating these outdated barriers that hinder our customers’ ability to deliver the highest level of patient care, every day.”

About Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions for a wide spectrum of care providers. With 50+ years of experience, Capsa Healthcare offers a unique ability to meet the demands of diverse healthcare environments and offers a broad range of products including mobile computing solutions, medication carts, medical carts, and pharmacy automation solutions. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Capsa Healthcare has over 400 employees with management, sales, and production offices throughout the world. To learn more, visit or call 800-437-6633.

Capsa Healthcare Media Contact:

Mike Stotz, Sr. Marketing Manager