Capsa Healthcare Introduces NexsysADC™ Medication Management into Extended Care Markets

January 9, 2018

Capsa Healthcare announces the release of NexsysADC, the next-generation technology solution for secure offsite medication management and dispensing in a wide range of healthcare environments.

NexsysADC offers a simple, secure, and configurable system to manage the onsite storage and organization of both routine and controlled medications and supplies at a fraction of the price of alternative automated dispensing systems (ADCs). The NexsysADC platform gives healthcare providers a unique medication control system that compares favorably against alternatives feature for feature, but with an accelerated ROI model.

Capsa has been an innovative pioneer in the development of healthcare medication management solutions for over 50 years. Today, with the introduction of its next-generation NexsysADC, the company is redefining the automated dispensing cabinet model for extended care providers, as well as in specialty care settings including surgery centers, critical care clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and health network medical campuses. Wherever there is a need for decentralized control and security to dispense medications, NexsysADC provides a new level of both functionality and value-based solutions.

“At its core, NexsysADC stands for innovation and value,” says Andrew Sherrill, Chief Executive Officer. “Many healthcare providers came to Capsa asking for a new, flexible platform to handle decentralized medication dispensing that didn’t compromise on features or security, but permitted a more practical use of budget dollars. We delivered on that request, and it couldn’t be more timely with all the focus on medication security and control coupled with the need for smart spending.”

Capsa will feature NexsysADC and other medication management solutions at the upcoming HIMSS18 convention, as well as the Managed Healthcare Associates (MHA) Business Summit in Las Vegas the week of March 5, 2018.

“The new NexsysADC makes sense for so many providers focused on the perfect balance of features and fast ROI for medication dispensing in the facility. This technology is both unique and proven, and gives healthcare providers a new alternative for medication security and control that will maximize their budget’s buying power,” says John Himmelstein, Capsa’s Vice President, Extended Care.


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