Capsa To Distribute scripClip™ Automated Will Call System

CANAL WINCHESTER, OH February 17, 2022

Capsa Healthcare announces its Pharmacy Automation division will distribute scripClip™, an innovative software/hardware solution to streamline will call in pharmacies. scripClip was developed by INTERlink AI, an Omaha, NE pharmacy innovator. With today’s addition of scripClip, Capsa now offers an end-to-end suite of solutions for customers in retail and hospital outpatient pharmacy. Capsa also provides the pioneering Kirby Lester brand of prescription filling devices that include counting, verification, inventory, controlled medication management, robotic dispensing, and RoboPharma-brand central fill/mail order automation.

The scripClip™ will call system delivers substantial time and labor savings for “the last 10 feet” of a pharmacy’s prescription delivery process. scripClip is a unique modular pick-to-light system that interfaces with the pharmacy’s point-of-sale system. With LED-enabled hanging Rx bags, the system safely guides pharmacy staff in every step of order preparation, storage, retrieval, and return-to-stock – without mistake or waste. Pharmacy staff can quickly locate the exact medication order for the right customer every time, and customers are assured of a positive experience at their local pharmacy.

“When it comes to improving a pharmacy’s workflow, will call is often overlooked or neglected. Yet, it is the last chance the pharmacy has to make a good impression on a customer. With scripClip automating the Rx retrieval process, customers get exactly what they were prescribed, without error, in the shortest time possible. Pharmacies looking for a customer retention tool have it right here with scripClip,” says Christopher Thomsen, Vice President of Business Development for Capsa Healthcare.

The pharmacy industry is suffering from unprecedented staffing shortages that negatively affect patient satisfaction ratings. Existing staff members’ frustrations are compounded by inefficient manual methods of hunting alphabetically, scrambling for mis-filed orders, and spending hours restocking un-retrieved orders. With scripClip, labor concerns are directly improved:

  1. Eliminate time to find patient orders by an average of 35 seconds
  2. Shorten return-to-stock time for un-retrieved prescriptions by up to 78%
  3. Improved accuracy of medication verification and dispensing
  4. Return on investment is typically shorter than 12 months

INTERlink AI is excited to add the benefits of scripClip to Capsa’s powerful portfolio of pharmacy automation products that will drive continued growth for both of our organizations,” says Mark Frei, INTERlink AI’s Chief Revenue Officer.

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