Capsa Announces New CEO Eric Webb


Capsa Healthcare, a leading innovator in healthcare delivery solutions for  hospitals, long-term care, and retail pharmacy providers, announced Eric Webb is assuming responsibility as the company’s Chief Executive Officer today. Webb has been a member of the senior leadership team since joining Capsa Healthcare in 2008. In his tenure, Webb has served in ascending responsibilities including Sr. Vice President of Operations & Engineering, Chief Operating Officer, and most recently President.

Webb has been instrumental in Capsa’s strategic growth, successful merger and acquisition activity, as well as operational excellence across the globe. His leadership has helped the company enter new markets and expand its innovative healthcare product portfolio; the company has acquired seven major brands to become one of the world’s fastest growing healthcare providers.

“This is an honor to assume leadership of our devoted Capsa team, our respected product lines, our collective expertise, and our bright future,” Webb says. “Looking back where the company stood when I first joined in 2008 to what we represent today, there is no comparison. Capsa Healthcare is a major influencer in every one of our chosen markets.”

Avi Zisman, Capsa’s CEO since November 2018, will transition to the role of Chairman of the Board while maintaining an active role in developing and guiding the company’s strategic path. Prior to joining Capsa, Mr. Zisman was a member of Capsa’s Board of Directors and served as President and CEO of Luminator Technology Group.

“I am highly optimistic about our continued growth behind Eric Webb and have full confidence in his ability to lead the organization into its next generation to successfully meet the demands of healthcare providers worldwide,” says Zisman. “His track record of leadership and achievement is a testament to his capabilities, and he has proven his unique capacity to improving this organization and product lines in every role he has held at Capsa.”

Capsa Healthcare is focused on meeting today’s healthcare challenges head-on and supplying front-line caregivers with innovative solutions to ultimately improve outcomes for their patients.

About Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions for a wide spectrum of care providers. With 50+ years of experience, Capsa Healthcare meets the demands of diverse healthcare environments with a broad range of products including prescription filling technology and central fill/mail order solutions for pharmacies, medication carts, medical carts, and mobile computing. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, Capsa Healthcare has 400+ employees with management, sales, and production offices throughout the world.