Kirby Lester Pharmacy Automation Brand Turns 50

Columbus OH, August 25, 2021

Capsa Healthcare celebrates the 50th anniversary of its acclaimed Kirby Lester pharmacy technology brand. Capsa is a leading innovator in automation and healthcare workstations for pharmacy, extended care, and hospital settings.

The company launched a new Kirby Lester technology website, to coincide with the semi-centennial. This major milestone is unmatched in the pharmacy automation sector. Hundreds of thousands of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in 60+ countries have used Kirby Lester counting devices to fill patient prescriptions accurately and quickly. The Kirby Lester pill counter also has been deployed in non-pharmacy settings like veterinary, pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical trials, law enforcement, and anywhere an accurate piece count is essential.

“Fifty years is an incredible accomplishment, considering today’s fast paced and technology-driven world. Our team has worked hard to protect the respected and trusted ‘Kirby Lester’ name, as well as bringing all of our products to an entirely new level of excellence, functionality and quality,” says Christopher Thomsen, Vice President of Business Development for Capsa Healthcare. “On a personal level, I am humbled and proud to represent this venerable brand, a globally recognized leader in pharmacist advocacy, product innovation and longevity. I am equally optimistic in the brand’s future as we launch into central fill/mail order, remote verification and medication safety and security.”

The Kirby Lester legacy began in 1971 when John and Frank Kirby and Rodney Lester moved their newly formed company from England to Stamford, CT and essentially started the “pharmacy automation” industry. Their first tablet counter, the KL7, yielded a major savings in time and labor. Soon, a Kirby Lester counter became a mainstay at pharmacy prescription filling stations everywhere. A steady stream of improvements and expansions followed, and continued when Capsa acquired Kirby Lester in 2014. Today’s lineup goes far beyond just pill counting devices to include:

  • Fully automated robotic prescription dispensing
  • Prescription filling stations with error-prevention software and interfacing
  • Controlled medication management software and inventory control
  • Ultra high-volume central fill and mail order management
  • Remote prescription filling technology
  • For more, visit the new

About Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions for a wide spectrum of care providers. With 50+ years of experience, Capsa Healthcare offers a unique ability to meet the demands of diverse healthcare environments and offers a broad range of products including mobile computing solutions, medication carts, medical carts, and pharmacy automation solutions. Headquartered in Columbus, OH, and with a quickly growing global presence, Capsa Healthcare has 400+ employees with management, sales, and production offices throughout the world. For more, visit or call 800-437-6633.

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