New RoboPharma Website


Capsa Healthcare launched the all-new RoboPharma website. RoboPharma, pharmacy automation by Capsa Healthcare, is one of the fastest-growing brands in the high-capacity, high-speed world of pharmacy technology. A RoboPharma project can automate 90% of packaging produced by pharmaceutical manufacturers, leading to an amazing level of efficiency, cost savings and output. RoboPharma became part of the Capsa family in August 2020 and its operations are based in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. RoboPharma customers are represented in these settings: central fill pharmacy, mail order/digital pharmacy, pharmaceutical wholesale, hospital pharmacy, and retail pharmacy.

RoboPharma creates and implements high-speed prescription filling systems. The company’s expertise and product range are synergistic with Capsa and provide both organizations with new opportunities to expand further into pharmacy automation sectors. Capsa already has strong inroads into this sector with its Kirby Lester-brand line of prescription filling technology and controlled medication inventory management systems. The acquisition of RoboPharma was Capsa’s fifth major brand addition in 10 years, and second specifically in the pharmacy automation industry.

We welcome high volume pharmacies in any region of the world to explore RoboPharma for your next automation project, whether that is a large-scale central fulfillment site, a digital pharmacy startup, or a retail pharmacy chain that is expanding its patient services. Visit our new site and learn more at

For a RoboPharma video overview, click here.

For RoboPharma’s integration within Capsa Healthcare, click here.


Capsa also recently expanded its digital footprint with new international websites.

A series of small microsites launched in select international markets. These sites are translated for the local language and offer a high-level overview of Capsa’s product lines, with links back to the main Capsa site for a deeper exploration.

Please visit the new sites to learn more about our company’s ever-expanding reach globally.