Capsa Healthcare Announces Controlled Medication Storage Expansion To NexsysADC™ Suite

COLUMBUS, OH – March 23, 2022

Capsa Healthcare, a leading innovator in healthcare delivery solutions for  extended care, hospital, and retail pharmacy providers, announced an expansion to its suite of NexsysADC automated dispensing cabinets. NexsysADC can accommodate any large size of controlled or high-value medications or supplies in two new sizes of Controlled Access Module Drawers.

Capsa will display the expanded NexsysADC technology at the Covetrus Annual Sales Meeting in Nashville, TN and the Managed Healthcare Association Business Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

NexsysADC’s original 3” Controlled Access Module, or CAM, still efficiently manages unit doses and smaller items. Now, any NexsysADC unit – main cabinet, 4T countertop cabinet, and auxiliary cabinet – can apply the same safeguards to large items in their deep, configurable 6” and 10” CAM Drawers. CAM Drawers have huge capacity to store practically any size bulk stock bottle, IV bag, and liquid that requires trackable security.

The new 6” and 10” CAM Drawers include the same security and workflow features as Capsa’s 3” CAM like:

  • Pick-to-light guided access to show the clinician the exact location of the specific dose required
  • Onscreen prompts to the location inside the CAM Drawer
  • Software for restocking and inventory control
  • Built-in alerts and tamper-evidence
  • Customizable drawer layout for medication locations and medication sizes

Capsa launched NexsysADC in 2018 as the practical automated dispensing cabinet for secure, controlled medication storage in a variety of healthcare settings. The company has continued to expand the system’s software, accessories, and software interfacing. NexsysADC is deployed in a variety of healthcare settings globally including senior care homes, hospice, education simulation, veterinary clinics, and ambulatory surgery centers.

“Our customers are impressed that we can rapidly evolve NexsysADC with even more features, regular updates, and options, and they appreciate how much value they get. It helps them stretch their technology budget much further than legacy automated dispensing cabinets with much higher price points,” says Chris Miller, Product Director, Capsa Healthcare.

About Capsa Healthcare

Capsa Healthcare is a worldwide leader in developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions for a wide spectrum of care providers. With 50+ years of experience, Capsa Healthcare offers a unique ability to meet the demands of diverse healthcare environments and offers a broad range of products including medication carts, medical carts, point-of-care carts, and pharmacy automation solutions. Headquartered in Portland, OR, Capsa Healthcare has over 400 employees with management, sales, and production offices throughout the world. For more, visit or call 800-437-6633.

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