RoboPharma Introduces RoboWall Carousel into UK Pharmacy Market

Waalwijk, The Netherlands, Sept. 1, 2021

RoboPharma announced today the company began installing its newest carousel-powered version of the popular RoboWall patient prescription pickup technology into United Kingdom retail pharmacies.

RoboWall now is available in two models – classic and the new, more compact carousel version. Installations of the carousel model are now beginning in the United Kingdom. RoboPharma will demonstrate the RoboWall carousel at the upcoming Pharmacy Show (Oct. 17-18, Birmingham, England).

RoboWall is a 24/7 prescription pickup center. Pharmacy staff members load patients’ completed prescriptions into the robotic carousel from inside the pharmacy office. RoboWall software then sends the patient an alert via smartphone that their order is ready for pickup. Patients can access their completed prescription orders from the exterior kiosk at any time of day. The RoboWall carousel is cleverly designed to suit most community pharmacies. It is compact (less than 1m2), with seven rotating tiers inside that can hold up to 224 patient orders. For larger pharmacy volumes, RoboPharma offers the RoboWall classic model.

In either the new carousel or classic models, the benefits of RoboWall are numerous for both customers and pharmacy staff members.

  1. Encourages social distancing and safe pharmacy-patient interaction
  2. Patients have greater flexibility to retrieve their orders when and how it suits their preference
  3. Patients avoid long waiting lines
  4. Pharmacy staff members save a tremendous amount of time by pre-loading filled orders
  5. Pharmacies can install RoboWall anywhere, inside the lobby or street-level, and in public spaces such as supermarkets and metro stations
  6. Small footprint (less than 1m2) makes installation simple for crowded pharmacy spaces

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, pharmacies have looked for solutions that help limit human-to-human interaction, and take the increasing pressure from the counters. RoboWall provides exactly that,” says Ralph Falck, Sales Manager for RoboPharma. “The pharmacy team is not occupied for simple hand-outs, and customers find the convenience of anytime pickup highly advantageous. They appreciate their local pharmacy’s efforts to expand its service levels.”

Click to learn more about RoboPharma’s RoboWall patient Rx retrieval system.

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