Point-of-Care Solutions

Innovative and reliable mobile computing carts, point-of-care wall arms and wall cabinet workstations to meet the demands of 24/7 care.

Med Management Solutions

Ensure medication administration accuracy and control from the pharmacy to the patient with our comprehensive product suite.

Procedural / Supply Solutions

All cart models feature configurable designs with durable construction, ample capacity, security options, and a large selection of accessories.

Pharmacy Automation Solutions

Our Kirby Lester counting and robotic technology solutions will positively impact your pharmacy staff’s clinical efficiency and effectiveness.

FirstDose Automated Dispensing

Looking for Capsa’s FirstDose technology for e-kits and stat dosing? Good news, we have evolved the FirstDose platform to NexsysADC, Capsa’s next-generation solution that improves current methods for non-patient specific narcotics dispensing, first doses, and e-kits at the point of care.

For Current FirstDose Customers

Capsa will continue to provide world-class service and support for your FirstDose systems that are already deployed.  Click here to request help.

For Customers Exploring FirstDose​

NexsysADC isn’t just an advanced FirstDose. It’s a new platform with significant advancements in software, hardware, and interfacing. Our customers will appreciate the refinements that Capsa has built into NexsysADC,  including:   ​

  • Heightened Controlled Medication Security: With the new Controlled Access Module (CAM), narcotics, controls, and high-value medications can be secured into individual cells, so nursing staff has access to only the right medication at the right time. Outfit a NexsysADC cabinet with 1 to 10 CAMs, depending on the level of security needed.
  • Clear, guided access to the right secured location for every medication.
  • Expandability, for a wide array of healthcare settings: Add more CAMs, flexible drawer configurator, even expand into additional auxiliary cabinets for supplies and overflow medications.
  • Simplified Interface: Action item lists display shortcuts for actions specific to the nurse user
  • Ergonomic Design: Up-down monitor, simple touch-driven interface, optional hide-away keyboard, biometric and RFID embedded into the unit.
  • Enhanced, Flexible Cassette Exchange Process: Stocking is performed at the pharmacy and auto-transferred to the specific NexsysADC unit for a more secure, error-proof replenishment. CAM inventory is automatically read by the unit during restocking.
  • More Reports: Grouped by Inventory, Activity, User, Billing, Patient.
  • New Cloud-Based Interface Engine: Greater visibility, flexibility, and connectivity between the pharmacy and multiple senior care facilities where NexsysADC is deployed.