Pharmacy Counting & Inventory Solutions

Capsa’s Kirby Lester and RoboPharma Rx filling systems are globally respected for accuracy, speed and ease of use. Our technology saves labor, reduces the chance of errors and provides tight regulation of inventory — especially controlled medications.

Our Pharmacy Automation Products

Our products are designed to help you increase your pharmacy’s efficiency while growing its revenue. Explore a range of solutions:

  • The fast, compact KL1 tablet counter works for prescription counting, narcotics management and more.
  • Our KL1Plus system goes beyond the capabilities of the KL1 to verify medications and ensure each prescription is filled as written.
  • Our robot dispensing solutions, like the KL108 vial-filing robot, work well in retail, mail order and central filling pharmacies.
  • The RoboPharma package dispensing robot is ideal for medications in boxes, blister strips and similar packaging.

If you’re not sure which capsule counting machine would be best for your needs, contact our team for a recommendation.

The Advantages of Pharmacy Automation and Pill Counting Machines

The benefits of pharmacy automation include:

  • Reducing errors: Automated pill identification and counting can reduce dispensing errors. Machines aren’t susceptible to human mistakes, like miscounting pills or misidentifying one type of capsule as another that’s similarly sized.
  • Freeing human staff: Investing in a quality pharmacy pill counter frees up human time. Staff can skip the tedious manual process of counting capsules to focus on tasks that call for clinical expertise or personal, compassionate service.
  • Facilitating growth: Our solutions help pharmacies boost efficiency and productivity without increasing the need for labor, making it easier to scale their operations as they grow.

Why Choose Capsa Healthcare?

Capsa Healthcare has been elevating pharmacies’ performance for more than 60 years. We offer industry-leading solutions worldwide with six integrated brands.

We’ve set new standards in pharmacy automation, medication management and healthcare IT through decades of collective experience and expertise. We design solutions from the ground up and tailor them to each client’s needs, helping them improve performance and optimize workflow efficiency.

Find Word-Class Pharmacy Counting and Inventory Solutions

Rely on our integrated brands for automatic pill-counting machines and other solutions. Browse our products and reach out to our team if you have any questions.