Preparing For Your Kirby Lester Robot Installation

Implementation Direction For Kirby Lester Robotics

We are thrilled to be part of your pharmacy’s workflow improvement with the installation of a Kirby Lester robotic dispenser. A successful installation relies on making sure your site is thoroughly prepared, that we share needed information and documents in a timely fashion, and that you and your Capsa Implementation Manager are in regular contact. For questions about the installation or training of your new pharmacy automation technology, contact us at 800.437.6633.

Your pharmacy is expected to carefully watch the Site Preparation Video below to identify all physical requirements of moving in your new pharmacy robot.

Your pharmacy is expected to complete a checklist after watching the Site Preparation Video (above) to alert Capsa about any potential move-in issues. Use our Robot Readiness Checklist document.

Robot Readiness Checklist-Site Preparation