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FirstDose FDS - SPC

FirstDose delivers key improvements to common Starter / Stat Dose Systems with a modern cloud based software with optional pharmacy system interface for Long-Term Care and Hospital Facilities. FirstDose offers a safer, modern alternative to "tackle box" systems commonly used in extended care settings and can maintain organized medication inventory that can be arranged to pharmacy and facility preferences. Attractive and modern in design, FirstDose is available in standard configurations to accommodate high or low density on-site medication inventories.

Key Features
  • Expansive punch card storage drawer and
  • Keyless narcotics drawer; additional narc drawer optional
  • Capacity for up to 112 cards per drawer or 336 cards per cart
  • Bulk supplies and liquid storage in side utility drawers
  • Integrated All-In-One computing
  • Stow-away 104 key keyboard
Best Suited For


  • Decentralized medication control
  • Starter, stat doses and ekits
  • Off-site narcotics medication control


  • Extended care facilities and nursing homes
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Residential care facilities
  • Rehab and psych environments
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