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I-Series Medical Cart – Compact

Single-Cart Medical Storage Solutions

The I-Series Medical Cart platform allows you to configure for multiple applications including Emergency, Anesthesia, Procedure, Treatment, I.V. or Isolation. Available in 4 model heights, the I-Series Compact model suits highly-specialized storage or those applications that do not require a “large” medical cart.

Configure your I-Series cart in 4 easy steps. First choose from one of 4 model sizes and drawer packages, then a lock system, followed by color and drawer I.D labels, and finally the optional accessories to fit the application. All I-Series carts are constructed of lightweight aluminum panels, sturdy internal frame, and premium drawer slides to ensure long-term value and durability. Smooth panels, drawers and work surface promote simple cleaning for infection prevention.

Key Features

  • Cart storage packages from three (3) to seven (7) drawers
  • Standard drawers or drawer frames for use with ISO 60/40 storage trays
  • Wide selection of workflow, organization, and convenience accessories
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum cabinet surrounding a sturdy, integrated frame
  • Integrated bumpers to protect facility walls and equipment
  • Full-width drawer handles
  • Choice of three (3) lock systems including keyless with auto-relock
  • Available in six (6) attractive colors
  • 10 year limited warranty
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Well Suited For

  • Extended care facilities and nursing homes
  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Residential care facilities
  • Rehab and psych environments
  • Prompt Care Clinics
  • Dental Offices
  • Physician Offices
  • Veterinary Clinics


Cart Specs

Mini Height 34.5”(h) 24.5”(d) 31.5”(w) / 87.6(h) 62.2(d) 80(w)cm
Compact Height 37.5”(h) 24.5”(d) 31.5”(w) / 95.2(h) 62.2(d) 80(w)cm
Intermediate Height 40.5”(h) 24.5”(d) 31.5”(w) / 102.9(h) 62.2(d) 80(w)cm
Standard Height 43.5”(h) 24.5”(d) 31.5”(w) / 110.5(h) 62.2(d) 80(w)cm

Drawer Specs

Three Inch 3″(h) 17.25″(d) 24″(w) / 7.5(h) 43.8(d) 61(w)cm
Six Inch 6.25″(h) 17.25″(d) 24″(w) / 15.9(h) 43.8(d) 61(w)cm
Nine Inch 9.6″(h) 17.25″(d) 24″(w) / 24.4(h) 43.8(d) 61(w)cm

Optional Accessories

product photo
60x40 ISO Drawer Trays
product photo
Accessories Bridge
product photo
AC Plug Holder
product photo
Adjustable Defibrillator Tray
product photo
Brake Caster
product photo
Cardiac Board
product photo
Cart Handle
product photo
Catheter Holder
product photo
Drawer Divider Kit
product photo
Glove Box Holder
product photo
IV Pole
product photo
Laptop Arm
product photo
Oxygen Tank Holder
product photo
Pull-Out Work Surface
product photo
Sharps Collector Case
product photo
Storage Bins
product photo
Suction Pump Shelf
product photo
Tilt Bin Organizer
product photo
Waste Container
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Tray Assembly, Plastic, 13"x13"
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Tray Assembly, Plastic, 13"x17"
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Security Plate Assembly
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Security Tray Assembly