Product | Kirby Lester High Volume Counting Technology (Mail Order & Central Fill Pharmacy)

Kirby Lester High Volume Counting Technology (Mail Order & Central Fill Pharmacy)

Custom-Engineered, High-Speed, Automated Medication Counting Systems

For more than 10 years, our pharmacy automation team has custom-designed Kirby Lester high-volume counting technology for many of the world’s largest mail order and central fill pharmacies. This unique solution automates the counting of the most common medications via a jumbo capacity universal hopper and pharmacy system interfacing. The Kirby Lester high volume counting cell can be integrated into existing filling operations, or designed around the specifications of new systems. Talk with Capsa Healthcare about our Kirby Lester high-volume automation to help solve your challenges.

Kirby Lester high-volume automation is designed for:

  • Fully automated, ultra-high volume prescription filling centers
  • Partnering with “integrators” that design processes to automate mail order and central fill

Key Features

  • Utilized by many of the world’s largest high volume pharmacies
  • Universal counting technology to automate almost any tablet/capsule
  • Capable of integrating into any new or existing workflow
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Consultative approach to custom-engineer the ideal Kirby Lester high-volume counting for the facility’s specifications
  • Designed to simplify training and support
  • Minimal downtime
  • Unparalleled count accuracy and reliability
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Well Suited For

  • High-volume mail order pharmacy
  • High-volume central fill pharmacy


  • Dimensions: Approx. 28”H x 11”W x 20”D (depending on configuration)
  • Weight: Approx. 30 lb. (depending on configuration)
  • Type of tablet or capsule automated: Universal design, can accommodate almost any oral solid medication
  • Counting speed: Escalates with larger quantities common to 90-day fills: 10 pills/second for a 60-count prescription; 18 pills/second for a 300-count prescription
  • Maximum Tablet Size: 0.96”; Minimum Tablet Size: 0.125”
    • Automates the counting/filling of almost any tablet or capsule medication
  • Medication Capacity: 4-liter hopper accommodates 2+ liters of tablets/capsules
  • Counting Technology: Optical
  • Power and Electrical Rating: 180W; 100-240V at 50/60 Hz; 4A
  • Interfaces: Capsa Healthcare will support the customer’s connectivity requirements
  • FDA-compliant materials, simple cleaning
  • Ultimate flexibility for integrating into new or existing mail order/central filling pharmacy operations
  • Kirby Lester systems are custom-built to suit each high volume pharmacy’s specialized needs. Please consult with Capsa’s high-volume pharmacy automation specialists to integrate the Kirby Lester high volume counting cell into your workflow to automate the filling of hundreds to thousands of SKUs.
  • For a full discussion on automating your high speed, high capacity pharmacy, visit RoboPharma, central filling automation by Capsa Healthcare.