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Kirby Lester KL108 Secure Robot For Pharmacies

Fully Automated Dispensing Robot for Retail & Hospital Outpatient Pharmacies

The Kirby Lester KL108 secure robot offers breakthrough pharmacy dispensing innovations. This Kirby Lester automation from Capsa Healthcare (formerly named KL-SR) efficiently manages the filling of your pharmacy’s most common tablets and capsules via newly designed universal cassettes that require no technician calibration. Thus, there is virtually no chance for human error when changing the medication in the cassette. With 108 high-moving tablets or capsules stored in locked cassettes, 50% or more of your daily prescriptions are automated.  So your staff is freed up to focus on value-added activity like customer service, Star ratings, and MTM. The KL108 is ideal for busy pharmacies that demand precision, flexibility, accountability and security. If your pharmacy experienced frustration with older robotic fillers that required regular recalibration of hand-adjusted cassettes/miscounts/dropped pills, the KL108 design is sure to impress.

Revolutionary Cassette Technology

The KL108 uses digital image processing technology to auto-calibrate 108 cassettes onsite, with no human manual adjustments, no recalibration ever, and no need to order new cassettes. All cassettes can be calibrated to a new NDC/DIN onsite, on demand, and anytime. The medication database contains precise measurements for common medications, and your cassette will auto-adjust while docked in the Cassette Station. However, on occasion you will want to automate a new tablet or capsule that is not yet in the database (e.g., new generic). The KL108 handles measurement and storage of the new pill dimensions in the Camera Chamber. Cassettes only can be removed by an authorized user, so you can feel confident dispensing controlled medications and high-value medications through the Kirby Lester KL108.

Kirby Lester KL108 is designed for:
  • Fully automated prescription filling
  • Perpetual inventory assurance
  • Controlled medication dispensing
  • Pharmacy staff labor-savings

KL108 Secure Robot Product Overview

Pharmacy robot replenish KL-SR robot cassette
KL108 Secure Robot Product Overview

Key Features

  • Innovative pharmacy technology with all-new cassette design
  • Accommodates 108 of a pharmacy’s high-volume medications (50% or more of total daily prescriptions for a community pharmacy)
  • Only 67.5″ deep, requires little or no remodeling and fits into most pharmacy spaces
  • Frees up 5-10 hours/week, allowing staff to be deployed to concentrate on important patient-care initiatives
  • Exclusive FillSafe security system prevents filling from a medication cassette whose refill or return-to-stock was not authorized by a pharmacist
  • Locked cassettes and user tracking provide greater control against shrinkage/diversion concerns
  • Prescriptions are labeled, counted and presented in about 30 seconds
  • User-friendly, simple maintenance
  • Capsa is ISO 27001:2013 certified, meeting the highest standards for cyber-security and HIPAA compliance
  • 20+ reports for virtually all operation including user tracking, drug utilization, patient prescription records
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Revolutionary universal cassettes require no human calibration; Double-locking

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Patient vial pickup, 9 windows

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Digital camera chamber to capture image of pills not already in the database, for auto-cassette calibration

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Jam-free thermal labeler holds rolls of 1,200 pre-printed labels; Follow the arrows to load

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108 total medications automated: 56 cassettes on the left, 56 on the right

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Cassette Calibration Station: Plug in the cassette, and the system auto-adjusts coordinates; Change NDCs/DINs at any time without ordering more cassettes

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The KL108 is about the width of a pharmacy shelving row at 29.75”w 78.25”h 67.5”d; Back panel is flat and can go against a wall or shelving

Well Suited For

  • Retail pharmacy
  • Hospital outpatient pharmacy
  • Mail order/central fill pharmacy


  • Robot Dimensions: 78.25”(h) 67.5”(d) 29.75”(w) / 199(h) 171(d) 75.6(w)cm
  • Weight: 1,400 lbs. approx. when installed (635kg); 1,168 lbs. when cassettes are empty (530 kg)
  • Number of Cassettes: 108 universal calibratable cassettes on the device. No human adjustment or recalibration required. No purchase of additional cassettes required.
  • Cassette Dimensions: 6.5″W x 8”D x 4.375″H, capacity 650cc. Approx. maximum capacity 1,200 ibuprofen 200mg (round/brown) and 1,400 Prograf/Tacrolimus 1mg capsule
  • Cassette Calibration: Digital Image Processing Technology
  • Pick-up Windows: 9
  • Power: Dedicated standard 115V, 60Hz, 15A power outlet; normal operation draws up to 300w/hour not to exceed 500w
  • Printer: Direct thermal labels: Fast-feed, direct thermal labels, 4” x 2”. 1,200 labels per roll, flexible design customizable for each pharmacy, 2” core on supply and pick-up (6” label available)
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Low Operating Volume: 40.9 dB at stand-by; 62.6 dB (max) while operating
  • Reports: Offers over 20 standard reports that are customizable for the pharmacy’s needs
  • FillSafe™ Security System: Prevents unauthorized filling, depleting or switching medications in any of the 108 cassettes; customizable for each pharmacy’s workflow and security needs
  • Pharmacy Management System Interface: Available for most common platforms
  • Prescription Archive: Retrieve any past dispensed prescription onscreen and via printable report, up to 10 years
  • Capsule Dimensions: Length min 5 mm, max 26 mm; Width min 5 mm, max 15 mm.
  • Tablet Dimensions: Diameter/width min 5 mm, max 15 mm; Height min 2 mm, max 10mm.
  • Vial Types: Accommodates 6 vial styles, including Berry (Kerr) Friendly & Safe 13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram, Berry (Kerr) Perfect Pak 12, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram, Centor (Rexam) 1-Clic 13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram, Centor (Rexam) Screw-Loc 13 or 16 dram; and 40 dram, Altium (Tri State) Pro One 13 or 16 dram; and 40 dram, Altium (Tri State) Pro Tect 13, 16 or 20 dram; and 40 dram
  • Vial Replenishment: Fast random load, no special magazine or inserting
  • Maintenance: Once-a-day cleaning recommended (approximately 1 minute)
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified for data encryption and HIPAA compliance