Product | M-Series Punch Card Medication Cart

M-Series Punch Card Medication Cart

Lightweight Punch Card Medication Cart

5 Sizes

The Capsa M-Series line gives you a choice of models that support the required mix of lightweight performance, simple maneuverability, and huge storage capacity. You’ll see how smart design provides plenty of room for supplies, OTCs, PRNs, liquids, and the ever-growing volume of routine packaged medications. The M-Series Punch Card cart is a perfect balance of form and function so you can quickly and easily locate everything you need for a speedy and accurate medication pass. Manage any size punch card/bingo card, even Dispill multi-dose.

M-Series is designed for:

  • Medication administration process
  • Organized med pass
  • Improved nursing workflow

Key Features

  • Stores any medication punch card/medication bingo card, full or half size
  • Choose from 5 sizes – compact to expansive – for any patient population
  • M-Series also can manage Dispill multi-dose packaging. Click here.
  • Accommodates the future addition of computing technology solutions
  • Choice of innovative lock systems, including keyless access with auto-relock
  • Integrated handle facilitates maneuverability
  • Expansive work area with slide-out work surface
  • Durable drawers with four available depths
  • Full width drawer handle available in five colors
  • Full selection of convenience accessories and options
  • Durable design to ensure long-term value
  • Front footrest provides ergonomic support during med pass
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Well Suited For

  • Nursing Home/Extended Care Facility
  • Assisted Living
  • Continuing Care Community
  • Hospital


  • M2-PC – 43”(h) 26.7″(d) 23.1”(w) / 109(h) 68(d) 59(w) cm /300 punch card max capacity / Weight 110 lbs (empty)
  • M3-PC – 43”(h) 26.7″(d) 29.4”(w) / 109(h) 68(d) 75(w) cm /450 punch card max capacity / Weight 135 lbs (empty)
  • M4-PC – 43”(h) 26.7″(d) 36.1”(w) / 109(h) 68(d) 92(w) cm /600 punch card max capacity / Weight 160 lbs (empty)
  • M5-PC – 43”(h) 26.7″(d) 45.2”(w) / 109(h) 68(d) 115(w) cm /750 punch card max capacity / Weight 195 lbs (empty)
  • M6-PC – 43”(h) 25.2”(d) 50.5”(w) / 109(h) 68(d) 128(w) cm/900 punch card max capacity / Weight 220 lbs (empty)
  • Drawer Depth: 18.5″
  • Drawer Height: 3″-11″
  • Drawer Width: 21.5″-22″

Standard Accessories

product photo
5 Accent Color Options
product photo
5" Brake Caster
product photo
10" Narcotic Storage
product photo
Cart Handle
product photo
Chair Rail Bumpers
product photo
Core Removable Lock

Optional Accessories

product photo
Slide-Out Surface
product photo
Waste Container with Lid
product photo
Accessory Bridge
product photo
5" Tracking Caster
product photo
Sage/Kendall Sharps Container
product photo
Bemis Sharps Container
product photo
Double-Wide Narc
product photo
Narc Drawer (M5 & M6 only)
product photo
Drawer Flex System
product photo
EMS-Entry Management System
product photo
Externals Drawer Divider System
product photo
Gloves/Tissue Holder
product photo
Liquids Cabinet, locking
product photo
Narc Box Insert/Caddy (full or half card)
product photo
3-Wide/Row Punch Card Exchange Tub w/2 Dividers (lockable lid optional)
product photo
Punch Card Patient Divider Cards - 100/pack
product photo
Narc Box Insert
product photo
Pill Crusher
product photo
Tablet Holder
product photo
Side-Mount for AX Arm
product photo
Side-Mount Organizer
product photo
Stor-Flex Divider System
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Tray Assembly, Plastic, 13"x13"
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Tray Assembly, Plastic, 13"x17"
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Security Plate Assembly
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Security Tray Assembly

Cart Sizes


43”(h) 26.7″(d) 23.1”(w)

Choose Accent Color


43”(h) 26.7″(d) 29.4”(w)

Choose Accent Color


43”(h) 26.7″(d) 36.1”(w)

Choose Accent Color


43”(h) 26.7″(d) 45.2”(w)

Choose Accent Color


43”(h) 25.2”(d) 50.5”(w)

Choose Accent Color

Accent Colors





Reflex Blue