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MedLink Pro Software

The Next Generation In Medication Management Software

MedLink™ Pro, the next generation in medication management software, retrieves and displays patient data, and aids in the secure delivery of medication by healthcare professionals to promote patient safety. MedLink™ Pro is expertly designed to reduce human error and supports a closed-loop medication system.

MedLink creates a closed-loop medication management system. First, individual drawers are loaded with medication at the pharmacy, ADC or nursing station. Then each drawer is electronically labeled assigned to a specific patient. When that patient’s wristband is scanned, the drawer unlocks automatically.

Key Features

  • Drawers can be assigned to an individual patient through electronic labeling.
  • HL7 integration allows patient labels to be selected from the existing hospital patient list rather than manual entry.
  • Drawers may be labeled as storage drawers when transporting non-patient specific supplies or consumables.
  • Search patients by departments.
  • RFID-embedded technology assists in locating each patient drawer — to the specific cart, cassette and caregiver.
  • Assigned drawers can be opened automatically by scanning a patient wristband barcode.
  • If drawers are left open, the system will automatically close and lock the drawer.
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration, with option to set-up single sign-on capabilities.

Well Suited For

  • Patient Triage
  • Physician Rounds
  • Patient Registration
  • Ambulatory/Outpatient Areas
  • ICU
  • Operating Rooms
  • Med/Surg
  • Vaccination Sites