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Multi-Dose Medication Carts – 3 Unique Cart Lines

Options To Accommodate Large-Blister Adherence Packaging Like Dispill, SynMed, Medicine-On-Time

Capsa offers three models of medication cart to accommodate popular multi-dose bubble packaging: Vintage Encore, M-Series, and Avalo medication carts. All three lines are valued for their durability, security, high capacity and work-saving features. These large-card medication carts feature extra-deep drawers and sturdy internal rails. Available in 3, 4, and 5-wide carts from smaller capacity for group homes, to expansive for any resident population in assisted living/LTC. Best of all, Capsa carts accommodate almost any large blister card brand.

Capsa Multi-Dose Blister Card Carts are sized specifically to manage multi-med adherence packaging systems:

  • Jumbo blister cards medication administration (e.g., Dispill®, Jones Packaging® Tri-Fold, Medicine-On-Time/MOT®, Synergy Medical/SynMed® / Parata® Blister Card System, SureMed® by Omnicell, Drug Package LLC® /, Rx Systems®, Pharmacy Automation Supply®, EcoloPharm Eco-Pill®, DistriMedic®).
  • Organized med pass
  • Improved nursing workflow
  • Senior care, adult family homes, group homes

Optimal cart size: Your Capsa Representative will consult with you to determine optimal cart size, which is determined by average medications/resident, cycle length of medication system, and distribution model (restock vs. exchange).

Vintage Encore Medication Carts Overview

LTC nurse jumbo blister medication card cart
Vintage Encore Medication Carts Overview

Key Features

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Multiple models of Capsa multi-dose card carts

4 widths, and multiple styles to fit any facility’s resident population and décor

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Max capacity 180+ multi-dose blister cards

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Lightweight aluminum & sturdy frame

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Full array of optional accessories and narcotics storage

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Smooth side panels, drawers and work surface promote simple cleaning for infection prevention.

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LTC nurse jumbo blister medication card cart

Deep 12″ drawers & sturdy internal rails accommodate any large-blister adherence packaging (e.g., Dispill, Jones Packaging Tri-Fold, Pharmacy Automation Supplies FlexRx, SynMed, FastPak, MOT, Parata Pass)

Well Suited For

  • Nursing Home / Extended Care Facility
  • Assisted Living
  • Continuing Care Community
  • Pharmacies filling large blister card packaging


Dimensions: Multiple models to accommodate small to large resident populations.

M-Series and Vintage Encore

  • M2DP and VE2DP – 43.5”(h) 25.2”(d) 21”(w) / 110.5(h) 64(d) 55(w)cm / Weight 101 lbs (empty) / Capacity for <8 residents (ideal for group homes/independent living)
  • M3DP and VE3DP – 43.5”(h) 25.2”(d) 28”(w) / 110.5(h) 64(d) 71(w)cm / Weight 108 lbs (empty) / Capacity for <13 residents
  • M4DP and VE4DP – 43.5”(h) 25.2”(d) 34.7”(w) / 110.5(h) 64(d) 88(w)cm / Weight 120 lbs (empty) / Capacity for 13-22 residents
  • M5DP and VE5DP – 43.5”(h) 25.2”(d) 44.7”(w) / 110.5(h) 64(d) 114(w)cm / Weight 165 lbs (empty) / Capacity for 23-29 residents
    • 5-Wide Capsa carts are available in 4/1 split and 3/2 split sizes
  • Multi-Dose Card Drawer Depth: 18.5″
  • Multi-Dose Card Drawer Height: 12″
  • Carts also include one 3.7″H and one 6″H drawer (18.5″ depth)
  • Example: Multi-Dose drawers hold 3 rows of Dispill cards, approx. 25-30 cards per row, up to or over 180 cards per cart
  • Also Available: Compact Height carts,  includes one 6″ height drawer, two 12″ Multi-Dose drawers

Avalo Series

  • AVDPL (Large) – 43.75”(h) 24”(d) 38”(w) / 111(h) 61(d) 80(w)cm / Weight 164 lbs (empty) / max capacity 76 cards
  • AVDPXL (Extra Large) – 43.75”(h) 24”(d) 48.5”(w) / 111(h) 61(d) 123(w)cm / Weight 224 lbs (empty) / max capacity 114 cards
  • Multi-Dose Card Drawer Depth: 17.5″
  • Multi-Dose Card Drawer Height: 13″
  • Carts also include two 3″H drawers (17.5″ depth)

Standard Accessories

product photo
5" Brake Caster
product photo
Locked Narcotics Storage
product photo
Multi-Dose Card Rails and Expanded Drawer Depth
product photo
5 Accent Color Options-M-Series
product photo
4 Finish Options-Vintage Encore
product photo
Core Removable Lock
product photo
Chair Rail Bumpers

Optional Accessories

product photo
Patient Multi-Dose Card Dividers - 20-pack, 6"d x 9.5"w
product photo
Tracking Caster
product photo
Externals Drawer Divider
product photo
Drawer Flex System
product photo
EMS-Entry Management System
product photo
Glove Box
product photo
Pill Crusher
product photo
Kendall Sharps Container
product photo
Bemis Sharps Container
product photo
Biohazard Locking Cabinet For Sharps Insert (Vintage Encore)
product photo
Side Mount for AX Arm
product photo
Side-Mount Organizer
product photo
Slide-Out Work Surface
product photo
Stor-Flex Divider System
product photo
M-Series Waste with Lid
product photo
Vintage Waste with Lid
product photo
Corner Organizer (light gray for VE White Ash)
product photo
Corner Organizer (black for VE Cherry, Oak, Walnut)
product photo
Cart Skirt
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Tray Assembly, Plastic, 13"x13"
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Tray Assembly, Plastic, 13"x17"
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Security Plate Assembly
product photo
AX Arm Mount & Laptop Security Tray Assembly
product photo
Wall Lock Assembly

Cart Sizes


43″(h) 26.7″(d) 23.1″(w)


43″(h) 26.7″(d) 29.4″(w)


43″(h) 26.7″(d) 36.1″(w)


43”(h) 26.7”(d) 45.2”(w)


43.5″(h) 25.2″(d) 21.7″(w)


43.5″(h) 25.2″(d) 28″(w)


43.5″(h) 25.2″(d) 34.7″(w)


43.5″(h) 25.2″(d) 44.7″(w)