Product | NexsysADC Automated Dispensing Cabinet

NexsysADC Automated Dispensing Cabinet

The Practical ADC To Tightly Manage Controlled Meds, STAT Doses, & Supplies


NexsysADC™ is the most secure technology to manage controlled medications, STAT/first doses and electronic E-Kits. NexsysADC dramatically improves current manual methods for safely storing and dispensing  medications and supplies at the point of care (especially controlled meds and high-value meds). At all times, you know what medications are inside each NexsysADC cabinet, who’s accessing them, and what medication is pulled or dispensed for a specific patient or procedure. NexsysADC even has built-in tamper-evidence technology. The end result: Medications are secured, and ROI is assured for both the pharmacy and the facility.

NexsysADC is designed for:

  • Secure storage of sensitive medications
  • Starter doses, STAT doses, 1st doses, electronic emergency kits
  • Avoidance of controlled medication theft and loss
  • Tight inventory management
  • Cost-cutting (decrease or eliminate local pharmacy delivery fees)
  • Billing control
For The Care Facility

The right STAT dose/1st dose is always on hand when needed. Plus there’s no missing or incomplete paperwork. Advanced security features include prox card and biometric authentication. Controls and high-value medication handling are carefully orchestrated and individual user rights and access are pre-defined. And patient care is greatly streamlined by having doses available exactly when needed.

For The Pharmacy:

Pharmacy management can eliminate the need for 24-hour delivery or courier services for first doses and e-kits. The pharmacy is connected to the facility and unit at all times via a robust cloud connection, so each transaction and inventory is visible. Diversion concerns and missed billing paperwork are eliminated. Plus, NexsysADC costs about 40% less than alternative automated dispensing cabinets.

Custom-configured for each facility
  • Choose the design: We’ll counsel you on what’s best for your medication inventory. NexsysADC is available in two sizes: the main cabinet (10 tiers) or new countertop-sized NexsysADC 4t (four tiers). Click here for more.
  • Choose the security level: Each pharmacy and care facility staff member is assigned user privileges. The networked system tracks what medication is picked, who picked it, and for which patient, with tamper-evident technology backing you up.
  • Choose the right quantity of controlled meds to store: The proprietary Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) are locking, individual cells that hold single doses. Each CAM can hold up to 25 SKUs, and each cabinet can hold up to 10 CAMs.
  • Choose the number of NexsysADC units to deploy: NexsysADC is practical and affordable so you can deploy at each facility. Cloud connectivity allows you to easily expand to more facilities.
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NexsysADC - Next-generation medication security

NexsysADC - Next-generation medication security

Key Features

  • Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant system provides 24/7 access to inventory information, user tracking, electronic ordering, and integration with your pharmacy software systems
  • Infinitely safer than manual ‘tackle box’ methods for stat doses/starter doses/e-kits
  • Main cabinet capacity for almost 400 unique oral solid medication SKUs
  • Choose up to 10 Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) to automate from 25 up to 250 controlled or high-value medications.
  • Full reporting package to give valuable data and feedback on system operation, grouped by Inventory, Activity, User, Billing, Patient
  • Accommodates virtually all medication and supply packaging types, from unit dose to punch cards to PRNs and bulk supplies
  • Touch screen computer with integrated barcode scanner
  • Capsa Healthcare is the only medication management company that is ISO 27001:2013 information security management certified for cyber security and HIPAA compliance
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Well Suited For

  • Senior care facilities and nursing homes
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Surgery centers (ASCs)
  • Residential care facilities
  • Rehab and psych environments
  • Hospice
  • Veterinary and dental clinics
  • Nursing education simulation


  • Cabinet size 43″(h) 24″(d) 25″(w) / 109(h) 61(d) 65(w)cm
  • Work surface height 43″
  • Adjustable 22″ touchscreen monitor
  • Top of monitor height 67″ maximum
  • Weight 350 lbs (empty)
  • Capacity up to 400 SKUs (highly configurable)
  • Also available: new countertop-sized NexsysADC 4t (four tiers). Click here for more.
  • Each CAM (Controlled Access Module)  is configured for up to 25 SKUs; 12 CAM configurations available; Each cabinet accommodates up to 10 CAMs
  • Open cell medication bins for routine meds: 2-Tier contains 6 bins, and 3-Tier contains 9 bins. Each bin can be adjusted for 1 to 14 locations. These medications are also tracked.
  • Supply drawers: Available in 3″, 6″ or 9″ depth. Each drawer can be adjusted for 1 to 24 locations. These items are also tracked.
  • 2D barcode scanner
  • Biometric finger scanner
  • Windows 10 embedded (IOT) operating system
  • Ethernet, WiFi networking
  • Built-in uninterrupted power supply (operation 6+ hours)
  • Power requirements: Standard dedicated universal outlet
  • UL tested & approved