Point-of-Care Solutions

Innovative and reliable mobile computing carts, point-of-care wall arms and wall cabinet workstations to meet the demands of 24/7 care.

Med Management Solutions

Ensure medication administration accuracy and control from the pharmacy to the patient with our comprehensive product suite.

Procedural / Supply Solutions

All cart models feature configurable designs with durable construction, ample capacity, security options, and a large selection of accessories.

Pharmacy Automation Solutions

Our Kirby Lester counting and robotic technology solutions will positively impact your pharmacy staff’s clinical efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Nexsys ADC
  • Fingerprint Scan NexsysADC
  • NexsysADC Drawer
  • Picking Medications NexsysADC
  • NexsysADC Return Cam
  • Nexsys ADC
  • Fingerprint Scan NexsysADC
  • NexsysADC Drawer
  • Picking Medications NexsysADC
  • NexsysADC Return Cam
  • Nexsys ADC
  • Fingerprint Scan NexsysADC
  • NexsysADC Drawer
  • Picking Medications NexsysADC
  • NexsysADC Return Cam

NexsysADC Automated Dispensing Cabinet

Capsa Healthcare has evolved its breakthrough FirstDose platform to provide NexsysADC™ for the most secure management of controlled medications, stat/first doses and e-kits. NexsysADC dramatically improves current methods for safely storing and dispensing non-patient specific medications at the point of care. NexsysADC brings peace of mind for the pharmacy, and process improvement for the facility’s nursing staff alike. At all times, you know what medications are inside each NexsysADC cabinet, who’s accessing them, and what medication is getting to which patient. The end result: Medications are secured, and ROI is assured for both the pharmacy and the facility.

Configure your NexsysADC online

  • Medication Security: NexsysADC is an innovative solution to manage the restocking and secure access of controls and high-value medications for 25 up to 250 SKUs per cabinet. And it doesn’t end with narcotics; NexsysADC is an ideal system to manage the storage and distribution of all on-hand doses.
  • Efficient Stat Dose/E-kit Delivery: NexsysADC eliminates manual methods like the “tackle box” commonly used in extended care settings. This technology significantly lowers costs associated with stat deliveries, and alleviates missing paperwork and guesswork.
  • Configurable For Each Facility: Store a few SKUs, up to hundreds. Customize each NexsysADC unit to the facility’s exact needs.
  • Streamlined Replenishment & Inventory: NexsysADC identifies what medications need to be restocked. The flexible replenishment process saves time, reduces inventory turns, provides a 24/7 view of what’s on-hand, and prevents diversion.

ROI Assured For The Pharmacy

NexsysADC is the most secure system to carefully control the onsite storage and distribution of medications (especially controls) and supplies, but at a fraction of the price of alternative automated dispensing cabinets. Pharmacy management can eliminate the need for 24-hour delivery or courier services for first doses and e-kits. The pharmacy is connected to the facility and unit at all times via a robust cloud connection, so each transaction and inventory is visible and traceable.  And NexsysADC costs about 40% less than traditional ADCs. Thus, a faster ROI without compromise.

Meds Secured For The Facility

The right stat or first dose is always on hand at the exact time it’s needed. Plus there’s no missing or incomplete paperwork. Advanced security features include prox card and biometric authentication. Controls and high-value medication handling are carefully orchestrated and individual user rights and access are pre-defined.  And patient care is greatly streamlined by having doses available exactly when needed - nurses get into NexsysADC, get the right medication, and get on with patient care.

Each NexsysADC unit is configured to meet the senior care facility’s medication delivery needs:

  • Choose the design: Whether your usage is primarily for controlled meds, or first doses/stat doses/e-kits, there’s a perfect way to set up your NexsysADC cabinet. Hundreds of configurations are possible.
  • Choose the right level of security and access for pharmacy and nursing staff: Each pharmacy and senior care facility staff member is assigned user privileges. And with the pharmacy and facility connected 24/7 via cloud networking, the system tracks what medication is picked, who picked it, and for which patient.
  • Choose the right quantity of controls to store: At the heart of NexsysADC technology is Capsa’s proprietary Controlled Access Modules (CAMs). These are tamper-resistant, locking, individual bins that hold single doses of the medications you want carefully controlled. Each CAM holds up to 25 SKUs, and each cabinet can hold up to 10 CAMs, so your level of security can go up depending on your formulary. CAM technology also tracks inventory levels automatically.
  • Choose the number of NexsysADC units to deploy: NexsysADC is the only practical, affordable automated dispensing cabinet so it can be installed at more facilities, all controlled via cloud connectivity.

Dimensions: Each NexsysADC cabinet is 43”(h) 24”(d) 25.5”(w) / 109(h) 61(d) 65(w)cm.

USA Patents: 10,045,899; 10,045,900

Hundreds of NexsysADC configurations are available. Connect with us to discuss your optimal NexsysADC configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Features
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant system provides 24/7 access to inventory information, user tracking, electronic ordering, and integration with your pharmacy software systems
  • Infinitely safer than manual ‘tackle box’ methods for stat doses/starter doses/e-kits
  • Choose up to 10 Controlled Access Modules (CAMs) to automate from 25 up to 250 controlled or high-value medications. 
  • Capacity for almost 400 unique oral solid medication SKUs
  • 20+ reports to give valuable data and feedback on system operation, grouped by Inventory, Activity, User, Billing, Patient
  • Accommodates virtually all medication and supply packaging types, from unit dose to punch cards to PRNs and bulk supplies
  • Integrated All-In-One touch screen computer with integrated barcode scanner
  • Capsa Healthcare is the only LTC medication management company that is ISO 27001:2013 information security management certified for cyber security and HIPAA compliance
Best Suited For


  • Offsite control of non-patient specific controlled and high-value medications
  • Decentralized medication control
  • Starter doses, stat doses, e-kits
  • Nursing education


  • Extended care facilities and nursing homes
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Surgery centers
  • Residential care facilities
  • Rehab and psych environments
  • Veterinary and dental clinics
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Optional Accessories
  • NexsysADC 2-Tier Cassette Module (for replenishment)

    2-Tier Cassette Module (for replenishment)

  • 3-Tier Cassette Module (for replenishment)

  • Controlled Access Modules (CAM) – Configurable

  • Pharmacy Replenishment Station

    Pharmacy Replenishment Station

  • Stationary Leg Kit

  • Wall Lock Assembly

  • Kendall Sharps Container