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Streamline any large-scale pharmacy operation with custom-designed systems

RoboPharma Central Filling/Mail Order Pharmacy Automation


RoboPharma, automation from Capsa Healthcare, is the fastest-growing global provider of central filling and mail order pharmacy technology. By concentrating on speed, reliability and maximizing available space, RoboPharma delivers improved prescription filling efficiency, improved productivity, dramatic labor and cost reduction, and greater accuracy. What do we do best? We simplify the incredibly complex process of high volume, high speed and design systems that work best for your business needs.

Flexible Systems For Pharmacies Of All Levels

From busy community pharmacies, to hospitals, wholesalers, digital pharmacies and central filling operations, RoboPharma engineers are expert at custom, flexible solutions designed around your specific requirements.

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Simple: Our processes, installation, training, and interfaces are all designed to be easy-to-use

Reliable: Our systems are proven to reduce downtime, mechanical failures, and bottlenecks.

Fast: Our automation can process up to 3 medication packages per second, and our average dispensing time for a complete order is 10-15 seconds.

Compact: Our careful planning and intelligent use of conveyors and vertical feeding systems for every project mean we make the most out of your available space, with remarkable absence of wasted steps, material, and labor.

Global Scope With Local Expertise

RoboPharma began in the central Netherlands and within 1 year had achieved market leadership nationally. Since our addition to Capsa Healthcare, we have been rapidly expanding across continental Europe and the UK, the Middle East, Australia, and North America. No pharmacy process in any global region is too complex or too unique or too specialized for adapting the RoboPharma method of automation. Talk to our systems designers, who understand your local customer needs, industry trends, and regulations.

RoboPharma automation is designed for:
  • Fully automated prescription filling
  • High volume, high speed pharmacy dispensing
  • Central filling and mail order
  • Retail and hospital pharmacy prescription processing

Key Features

  • Every RoboPharma design delivers greater staff and patient satisfaction, greater security, a dramatic reduction in errors and driven-down costs
  • Heightened customer experience and brand loyalty through streamlined processing of orders
  • High employee satisfaction through low downtime, fast training, simple-to-use software
  • Simplified mechanics and durable equipment (without maintenance-heavy, single robot arms) lowers energy usage and operational costs
  • Modular designs allow you to scale up or down depending on future growth projections
  • Superior support to ensure the absolute lowest downtime in the industry
  • Continuous development of end-to-end solutions for automating more steps in pharmacy
  • Creative designs and integration with Capsa Healthcare’s Kirby Lester retail pharmacy technology for flexible solutions to handle any challenge
  • Lower initial investment and operating costs than competitive robotics providers
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Well Suited For

RoboPharma develops custom pharmacy automation projects for unique, global customers with ever-expanding applications. Your type of business is our expertise:

    • Central Filling Pharmacy: Production of repeat prescriptions for multiple spoke pharmacies out of a central hub facility. Hundreds to hundreds of thousands of orders processed per shift. Click for details.
    • Mail Order/Digital Pharmacy: Production of orders (Rx, OTC, Vet) from pharmacy websites in a central hub pharmacy. Click for details.
    • Hospital Pharmacy: Systems accommodate patient-specific or non patient-specific models for busy hospital prescription processing and delivery. Custom automation to manage inventory, medication picking, transport to the ward or outpatient pharmacy, and patient pickup. Click for details.
    • Retail Pharmacy: Automate one step or the complete Rx filling and delivery process with an impressive selection of RoboPharma technologies, from end-to-end systems to will call to 24/7 patient pickup. Click for details.
    • Pharmaceutical Wholesale: Efficient replenishment and zoned delivery of pharmaceuticals in bulk, wherever medication packages are not patient-specific. Click for details.


In the central filling/mail order industry, we believe there is never one best solution for every situation. There’s only YOUR best solution. RoboPharma best serves our customers by exploring multiple options, talking with the right people in your organization, carefully examining your existing space and workflows, and finally designing a system that optimizes your business. Contact a RoboPharma consultant to begin solving your high volume, high speed pharmacy filling challenge.


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