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Central Fill/Mail Order Pharmacy

RoboPharma, High Volume/High Speed Automation by Capsa Healthcare

RoboPharma, automation by Capsa Healthcare, is a leading provider for central filling, mail order/digital pharmacy, and any custom solution for high volume, high speed prescription filling. RoboPharma systems streamline a pharmacy’s workflow and delivers 4 essentials: high uptime, incredible speed, simplicity in design, and utilization of available space. Once installed, every custom-designed RoboPharma project delivers greater staff and patient satisfaction, greater security, a dramatic reduction in error and driven-down costs.

The RoboPharma unique dispensing system allows the pharmacy to change product mix quickly and expand capacity and throughput as volume requirements increase. To name just a few notable points, RoboPharma systems:

  • Are proven to save 30% space in retail pharmacies
  • Can automate more than 90% of medications in central fill, mail order, pharmaceutical wholesale, and hospital pharmacy settings
  • Can process up to 3 medication boxes per second
  • Have an unmatched uptime in the industry

RoboPharma currently focuses on customers in Europe, Australia, the Middle East and other regions dispensing primarily pre-pack medicines; however, Capsa plans to rapidly expand RoboPharma’s expertise into growing markets in North America and beyond.

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RoboPharma Overview

RoboPharma Overview

Key Features

RoboPharma specializes in five pharmacy business segments.

  • Central Filling
  • Mail Order / Digital Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Automation
  • High Volume Hospital Pharmacy Automation
  • Retail Pharmacy Automation
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