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Convenient After-Hours Prescription Pickup

RoboWall Automated 24/7 Rx Kiosk (International pharmacies)


RoboWall, an innovative technology from Capsa’s RoboPharma line, is an automated 24/7 patient prescription pickup center for community pharmacies. RoboWall streamlines the Rx retrieval process: The pharmacy stores completed orders inside the secure carousel system (holds a max of 224 orders); and patients can retrieve their order outside when it’s convenient, at any hour of the day (or night).  Prescription hand-out has never been simpler. RoboWall is being installed at record pace in most international markets (outside the United States) by retail pharmacies looking for customer convenience and brand awareness, improved Rx pickup management, and time savings.

Ask your Capsa consultant about RoboWall for your community or hospital outpatient pharmacy. Note that RoboWall may not be available in certain geographies.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, pharmacies across the world have installed RoboWall to help limit interaction. But that’s only part of the growing popularity. RoboWall differentiates the pharmacy and provides a technology offering that modern customers appreciate.

Benefits to the pharmacy and staff: Heightened organization of the Rx pickup process. Avoid long patient lines and lost orders. Track the status of every order. Store up to 224 orders. All activity is logged and saved so data is readily available at any time. Match the exterior of RoboWall with your pharmacy’s branding.

Benefits to the customer: Receive alerts via SMS that an order is complete. Retrieve medications when convenient, especially important for customers who desire limited interaction. Data is secure, with no outside link to patient or prescription data. After-hours access from the street-side or common lobby.

How RoboPharma works

Stocking RoboWall Inside The Pharmacy: After completing a customer script, the pharmacy technician signs into RoboWall. The software chooses one of the available 224 cells in the carousel. Barcode-scan match is possible. The technician loads the patient order in a matter of seconds. Upon completion, RoboWall software automatically notifies the patient via SMS (text) that the prescription is ready.

Customer Pickup Outside The Pharmacy: After receiving an SMS message (text) from RoboWall, the patient arrives at the outside of the pharmacy at her/his convenience, enters the unique PIN-code and date of birth, and picks up the waiting order from one of 7 delivery windows. All transactions are registered.

Integrates with ScriptShelves: The full power of RoboWall occurs when your pharmacy includes our ScriptShelves automated Rx hand-out system. ScriptShelves software interfaces with RoboWall to ensure the right patient orders are stored in the right location to suit your customer’s preference –in-store to be retrieved by the pharmacy staff that are guided to the right location quickly by ScriptShelves, or outside at the RoboWall kiosk.

RoboWall is designed to:

  • Add efficiency to Rx hand-out
  • Shorten customer wait times
  • Reduce strain on the pharmacy staff
  • Eliminate any chance for lost or misfiled patient orders
  • Heighten prescription dispensing and delivery accuracy
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Key Features

  • Compact. Stores up to 224 patient orders inside the carousel (configurable); a typical RoboWall configuration comfortably handles 120 or more finished patient orders (mix of small, medium and large sizes). Your RoboPharma consultant will help determine the ideal number oof medication bins.
  • Controlled. All actions are logged and data is available at all times for pharmacy management.
  • Space-Friendly. Install RoboWall ourside the pharmacy, inside the lobby, in a health center, supermarket, metro station or other public space.
    • Complete unit takes up less than 1 square meter footprint.
  • Fast. Pharmacy staff scans the prepared prescription and selects the package size. The RoboWall carousel automatically presents an available cell. After filling, the software sends a unique code to the customer by text or email that the prescription is ready for pickup.
  • Secure. The patient uses the combination of  her/his birthdate and the unique code received via SMS or text to identify her/himself at the user touchscreen. RoboWall selects and issues the patient’s prescription from one of the 7 pickup windows.
  • RoboWall is easily branded externally and internally, plus the customer user interface on the external touch-screen can be branded.
RoboWall Pharmacy Automation 24/7 Rx Kiosk 3

Well Suited For

  • Retail pharmacies
  • Hospital outpatient pharmacies
  • Medical clinics


  • External dimensions 105cm D x 86cm W x 200cm H
  • Configurable storage bins, maximum 224 positions spaced among 7 tiers, with 7 pickup windows
    • Typical configuration is 120 locations: 2 tiers of large (8 locations), 5 tiers of medium (80 locations), 1 tier of small (32 locations)
  • Three sizes of medication storage bins: Small Bins 80 x 280 x 170mm; Medium Bins 160 x 280 x 170mm; Large Bins 320 x 280 x 170mm;
  • Fits Rx bags up to 30x40cm
  • Stainless steel, secure construction
  • Touch screen operation for both the pharmacy side and customer side
  • Integrated barcode on pharmacy side for order scanning
  • Patient notification automatically sent by SMS (text)
  • Patient retrieval requires DOB and PIN
  • Practical pharmacy technician operating speed to process and load orders is 4/minute (user-dependent)
  • Practical customer time to retrieve orders is 3/minute (user-dependent)
  • Power consumption is 1700 W @ 230 V maximum usage
  • Weight 300 kg, empty


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