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Automated Pharmacy Will Call System
scripClip Hanging Will Call Bags
Hanging will call bags
Pharmacy Order Retrieval System

scripClip™ Automated Pharmacy Will Call System

Fix 'The Last 10 Feet' of a pharmacy's prescription delivery

scripClip™ is a new automated pharmacy will call system for retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies in the United States. scripClip is a software/hardware suite that delivers substantial time and labor savings for “the last 10 feet” of a pharmacy’s prescription dispensing process. scripClip is a unique modular pick-to-light system that interfaces with your pharmacy software.

With LED-enabled hanging Rx bags (or bag clips for bulk or refrigerated items), the system safely guides pharmacy staff in every step of order preparation, storage, retrieval, and return-to-stock – without mistake or waste. Pharmacy staff can quickly locate the exact medication order for the right customer every time, and customers are assured of a positive experience at their local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Order Retrieval Solutions To Help You Overcome New Challenges

The pharmacy industry is suffering from unprecedented staffing shortages and profit erosion. Pharmacists’ and technicians’ frustrations are compounded by inefficient manual methods of hunting for patient orders alphabetically, scrambling for misfiled orders, and spending hours restocking un-retrieved orders.

With scripClip, pharmacies receive direct improvements in staffing shortage situations, patient safety, and profitability:

  1. Eliminate time to find patient orders by an average of 35 seconds
  2. Shorten return-to-stock time for un-retrieved prescriptions by up to 78%
  3. Analyze causes of return-to-stock and begin reducing levels immediately
  4. Improved accuracy of medication verification and dispensing – more than 23 million orders safely retrieved with zero errors to date
  5. Return on investment is typically shorter than 12 months


scripClip is designed to:

  • Automate “the last 10 feet” of Rx dispensing
  • Shorten wait times
  • Reduce labor
  • Eliminate any chance for lost or misfiled patient orders
  • Streamline the return-to-stock process and reduce levels
  • Heighten medication accuracy

scripClip Automated Will Call Brief Overview, from Capsa Healthcare

scripClip Automated Will Call Brief Overview, from Capsa Healthcare

Key Features

  • Modular, radio frequency (RF) technology-enabled system to manage hundreds to thousands of will call orders
  • Replaces inefficient, manual will call methods based on alphabetical organization
  • Instant Reporting to help pharmacy staff quickly contact patients and understand they have not picked up their prescriptions
  • 24/7 security monitoring for will call tampering and diversion
  • Pick-to-light system guides staff to exact order with customizable LED lighting and sound; Customizable alerts for multiple pickup stations, family members, expiration data, today’s return to stock)
  • Simple self-setup and interfacing with Pharmacy Management systems
  • No remodeling required; Uses existing shelving and standard 3/8″ hanging bag rods
  • Presents a professional, clean outward image of the pharmacy, eliminates cluttered A-to-Z bins
  • Improves customer order pickup experience by eliminating long wait times with no lost or mis-filed prescriptions
  • Reduces chaos and stress for pharmacy employees
  • 23 million+ prescription packages to date managed with scripClip with ZERO lost, and ZERO mishandled orders to date
  • Reduces chances for HIPAA violations related to will call
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Why Choose scripClip?

When you compare scripClip to any alternate will call automation, there is no comparison to the feature-full scripClip system.

  1. scripClip does not allow placing multiple patient’s prescriptions into a bag or clipped package
  2. Not just hanging bags: scripClip can include unique clip-ons for large packages located in remote locations in the pharmacy, refrigerator, shelf
  3. Large, bright flashing LEDs can be seen from a 180-degree angle, for fast identity of the patient’s prescriptions
  4. All scripClip bags and clips contain a built-in sounding device to locate orders quicker
  5. Software monitors the bags for tampering and diversion
  6. Delivery tracking
  7. Patient driver’s license scan for fast Rx ID
  8. Two workflows offered: Packaging and Packaging Match that ensure 100% medication accuracy and patient safety
  9. No required infrastructure changes. Hang your scripClip bags on any 3/8″ rod.


  • Available for retail and hospital outpatient pharmacies in the United States
  • Antenna/WAN device using RF wireless technology to communicate with hanging bags and bag clip-ons to locate prescriptions anywhere in the pharmacy
  • Primary and backup Dell micro-servers, 7″ x 7″ x 1.5″
  • Hanging bags that fit any 3/8″ rod; include bright pick-to-light and sound (if desired); wireless connectivity
    • 8″ x 12″ (Standard)
    • 12″ x 14″ (Large)
    • Up to 20 Rx items can be assigned to each bag; each bag holds 5 pounds total
  • Bag clip-ons that attach to any bulk, refrigerated, compound, stat orders, narc vault prescription order, delivered items, and curbside pickup; include bright pick-to-light and sound (if desired); wireless connectivity
  • Beacons to help quickly locate items that are not visible from will call (e.g., refrigerator, compound, vault, cabinet, baskets); include bright pick-to-light and sound (if desired); wireless connectivity
  • Readers to check-in and check-out bags and clipped packages with a quick touch; connects via USB to the Point of Sale, Pharmacist Check station, or any workstation where the staff needs to check bags into and out of the scripClip software
  • All hanging bags & clip-ons:
    • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries
    • LED can illuminate in any color to indicate order pickup station, individual or family orders, and more
  • RTS printer that prints overlay labels for all return-to-stock vials or packages
  • scripClip software works with these pharmacy management systems
    • PioneerRx
    • Computer RX
    • Micro Merchant
    • Best Rx
    • RX30
    • Liberty
    • QS/1
    • Digital Rx
    • Kroll
    • McKesson Enterprise
    • QuickScrip
    • Data Scan
    • McKesson Canada
    • PDX
    • Ask us if you do not see your pharmacy system listed
  • Available drivers license scanning for fast, accurate identification
  • 24/7 security monitoring for tampering, diversion, and low battery
  • Delivery tracking to patients’ home, hospital, facility

COVID-19 Impact On Pharmacies & The Capsa Solution

Pharmacies are dealing with elevated stress  levels due to staff absences, home deliveries, altered workflows, and vaccination & testing demands. These stress the core function of dispensing prescriptions quickly and accurately. scripClip is a self-installed system that helps customers get in and out quickly with the correct order every time and avoid long wait lines. The staff benefits from lessening time and effort searching for orders and returning to stock. Management/ownership benefits from fast ROI, reduced labor needs, tighter inventory, and higher patient satisfaction ratings.