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Organized Rx Hand-Out System

ScriptShelves Organized Rx Pickup System (International pharmacies)


ScriptShelves, part of Capsa’s RoboPharma technology line, is a simple, economical solution for prescription hand-out in community pharmacies. ScriptShelves prevents lost prescriptions, minimizes clutter and reduces hassles for pharmacy staff or patients to get the right order to the right patient quickly. ScriptShelves is available in most international markets (outside the United States).

Compact. Simplified. Flexible. Space-economizing. ScriptShelves is the logical approach for daily prescription finalization.

Ask your Capsa consultant about ScriptShelves for your community or hospital outpatient pharmacy. Note that RoboWall may not be available in certain geographies.

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Change The Status Quo of Rx Pickup: At most retail pharmacies, prescription hand-out can be error-prone, chaotic, and lead to long waiting lines while the staff searches for mis-filed or missing ordrers. ScriptShelves is a scalable system that replaces the chaotic, manual methods.

How ScriptShelves Works: ScriptShelves organizes and manages prescriptions, tracks status via software, and integrates with a patient notification program to alert patients by text or email. Even better, ScriptShelves requires no remodeling, expansion, or construction; use your existing space, refrigerator, drawers, etc. Just declutter your existing pickup space and barcode your own baskets (or RoboPharma custom sized baskets). Using a wireless scanner, the pharmacy technician is guided to the correct basket or position, even when multiple orders for the patient are available. For storing: The ScriptShelves software assigns a location, and the technician barcode-scans the location for confirmation, then inserts the filled order. For retrieval: The ScriptShelves system alerts the technician to the correct location and checks that all waiting patient orders are retrieved. The system guides the entire process from labeling filled scripts to storing to patient alerts to retrieval. Technicians find the system to be a dramatic time- and step-saver because there’s no hunting through unorganized alphabetical or numbered bins or boxes.

Integrates with RoboWall: The full power of ScriptShelves occurs when your pharmacy includes a RoboWall automated 24/7 pickup kiosk. ScriptShelves software interfaces with RoboWall to ensure the right patient orders are stored in the right location to suit your customer’s preference –in-store to be retrieved by the pharmacy staff that are guided to the right location quickly by ScriptShelves, or outside at the RoboWall kiosk.

ScriptShelves is designed to:

  • Streamline the Rx hand-out process
  • Shorten customer wait times and improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce clutter
  • Eliminate any chance for misfiled or lost patient orders
  • Interface with the RoboWall 24/7 patient pickup kiosk to give customers multiple options on how and when to retrieve their medications

Key Features

  • Reduce clutter and chaos in the Rx hand-out area
  • Pharmacy staff and patients always know the status and location of each patient order
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fewer staff interruptions
  • No searching for missing or incomplete patient orders
  • Using a wireless scanner, the pharmacy technician is guided to the correct position for storage and for retrieval. even when multiple orders for the patient are available
  • No need for expansion; use your existing space, or consider upgrading to RoboPharma racking with location pick-to-light

Well Suited For

  • Retail pharmacies
  • Hospital outpatient pharmacies


Each ScriptShelves system contains:

  • ScriptShelves software
  • Computer workstation
  • Wireless scanner and labels

Optional additions to further automate your Rx hand-out:

  • Racking
  • Baskets with barcodes
  • Racking with location pick-to-light
  • Racking with auto-detect system
  • Reporting functionalities
  • Integration with RoboWall 24/7 Rx handout kiosk


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