Product | T7 Non-Powered Mobile Technology Cart

T7 Non-Powered Mobile Technology Cart

A simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day

T7 Non-Powered Carts deliver industry-leading performance, ergonomics and durability. These sleek, innovative carts address today’s healthcare IT challenges and provide caregivers with a simple, easy and comfortable way to access technology throughout the day.

Lightweight and built for intuitive one-hand operation, the T7 Non-Powered Cart is a revolutionary innovation in medical technology carts. Its manual height adjustment allows quick and easy ergonomic positioning. With a beautifully simple design, the T7 makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment.

Key Features

  • Manual height adjustment accommodates users in sitting and standing positions, encouraging ergonomic computer use.
  • Easily customizable with numerous accessories, from peripheral shelves and mounts to holders for gloves, wipes, and other common items.
  • A sleek design, neutral color palette, and streamlined aesthetic ensures the T7 Non Powered Cart is the right fit for any healthcare space.
  • The T7’s wipe-clean finish is designed for easy cleaning to ensure effective infection control.
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Rotates 90 degrees to allow unobstructed view while the cart is pushed and to enable on-screen content sharing with patients. It provides 15 degrees of tilt to help accommodate the use of bifocals.

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Serving as a back handle for the cart and as cable management. The gantry raises the monitor providing more work surface.

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Ample work surface space allows for greater utility.

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The T7 can support all-in-ones, laptops, thin clients and small form factor PCs.

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T7 base design leaves comfortable room for full strides and toe clearance when walking.

Well Suited For

  • Patient Triage
  • Physician Rounds
  • Patient Registration
  • Ambulatory/Outpatient Areas
  • ICU
  • Operating Rooms
  • Med/Surg
  • Vaccination Sites



120VAC version
• Input: 120VAC
• Output: 120VAC pure sine wave, 60Hz
• Continuous output capacity: 150W
• Peak output capacity: 225W

230VAC version
• Input: 230VAC
• Output: 230VAC pure sine wave, 50Hz
• Continuous output capacity: 150W
• Peak output capacity: 225W


Lithium Iron Phosphate
• 45 amp hour
• 12.8 V output
• 2,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DOD) ° 21⁄2 hours recharge time° Limited 5-year warranty


• Indicates charging status
• Battery level


• Do not operate the height adjustment continuously for more than 2 minutes. After 2 minutes of continuous operation, 18 minutes of rest time should be allowed to the system.


• The T7 can accommodate max. 2 monitors weighing up to 26 lbs (11.6 kg) together.


• The T7 can accommodate a computer up to (L x W x H) 17.35” x 12.3” x 2.25” (440 mm x 312.5 mm x 57 mm) and has a 16.8” (426 mm) wide opening for a laptop screen.

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