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Center Street Pharmacy in Apex, North Carolina, faced significant challenges with its existing eMed Solutions automated dispensing cabinets, particularly in providing satisfactory service to long-term care (LTC) facilities. The challenges amplified when they decided to switch the dispensing system during the COVID-19 pandemic, with obstacles like facility lockdowns, staffing shortages, and the need to complete the installation across 10 facilities within a one-month window.

Challenges Of Center Street Pharmacy

  • Existing automated dispensing cabinet (eMed Solutions) was not meeting the needs of staff and patients.
  • A tight one-month window to install a new dispensing system across all 10 LTC facilities.
  • Staffing shortages and facility lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Need for seamless integration with existing pharmacy software.
  • Remote training requirements for pharmacy and nursing staff.

Replacing Existing eMed Solutions

Center Street Pharmacy chose to replace eMed Solutions with NexsysADC from Capsa Healthcare. The transition involved several steps, including configuring and assembling 13 new NexsysADC cabinets, loading them with medications, and implementing seamless software interfaces. Capsa Healthcare provided remote training and help videos, enabling the pharmacy to navigate the transition efficiently despite the pandemic challenges.


  • Reduced on-call service costs by 30%.
  • Seamless integration with Softwriters’ FrameworkLTC software.
  • Enhanced ability to monitor medication inventory, expiration dates, and nursing access.
  • Simplified restocking process, leading to operational efficiency.
  • Provided flexibility to customize medication stock according to each facility’s specific needs.
  • Virtual training resources made it easy for new hires and existing staff to adapt to the system quickly.


Despite several operational and pandemic-related challenges, Center Street Pharmacy successfully transitioned to NexsysADC automated dispensing cabinets across 10 LTC facilities. This transition not only improved medication management and staff satisfaction but also resulted in significant cost savings. The remote training and support from Capsa Healthcare were crucial in making this complex transition surprisingly straightforward.

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