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Jackson Health System, a comprehensive healthcare network in Miami, FL, faced a critical challenge in upgrading its Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. With a deadline of two months for the implementation, the system needed a robust mobile computing cart solution to support its new EHR initiative named MIRACLE (Medical Information Record Advancing Clinical Excellence).

The EHR Conundrum at Jackson Health System

In 2014, Jackson was operating on a hybrid EHR process that combined both paper and electronic documentation. This presented a myriad of issues, including workflow inefficiencies and an inability to meet Meaningful Use requirements. The organization recognized that its existing mobile computing carts were outdated and would not suffice for the new EHR system, putting the success of MIRACLE at risk.

Choosing the Right Mobile Cart Solution

Jackson Health System launched a competitive evaluation process to identify the most suitable mobile computing carts. They evaluated several vendors based on various factors such as usability, stability, ergonomics, and maintenance programs. The system ultimately chose mobile computing carts from Capsa Healthcare to support MIRACLE.


  • Quick Deployment: All 800 Capsa mobile computing carts were deployed within a five-week period across multiple facilities.
  • Workflow Enhancement: The carts led to significant improvements in clinical workflow and streamlined documentation processes.
  • Improved Ergonomics: Nurses reported a more comfortable and efficient work experience, thanks to the ergonomic features of the new carts.
  • Better Patient-Nurse Interaction: The new carts enabled nurses to spend more time in patient rooms, reducing the need to leave for documentation purposes.
  • Regulatory Milestones: The new EHR system and cart deployment helped Jackson Health System meet Meaningful Use objectives and advance from HIMSS Stage 3.5 to Stage 6.


The timely and successful deployment of Capsa Healthcare’s mobile computing carts played a pivotal role in Jackson Health System’s EHR upgrade. Not only did it streamline clinical documentation and medication delivery, but it also met the high expectations of both clinical and I.T. stakeholders. The project stands as a testament to how choosing the right technology can dramatically improve healthcare delivery and operational efficiency.