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Closed-Loop Medication Management


Royal Medical Services – King Hamad University Hospital (RMS-KHUH) in Bahrain revolutionized its medication management process with Capsa Healthcare’s MedLink Medication Management Workstations. This innovation has significantly enhanced patient care and streamlined workflows within the hospital.

King Hamad University Hospital’s Challenges

  • Medication Distribution Accuracy: Ensuring accurate medication distribution to a growing patient population.
  • Integration with IT Infrastructure: Need for a system that could integrate with existing IT and medication administration systems.
  • Patient Safety and Efficiency: Improving patient safety and optimizing medication administration efficiency.
  • Inventory Management: Maintaining complete inventory tracking to prevent stockouts and ensure availability of medications.


The hospital adopted Capsa Healthcare’s MedLink Medication Management Workstation for its:

  • Patient-Specific Lockable Drawers: Enhancing medication security and accuracy.
  • Barcode Integration: Aligning with the hospital’s barcoded medication administration system.
  • Adaptability and Ease of Use: Fitting seamlessly into various hospital settings and workflows.


  • Enhanced Workflow Efficiency: Faster medication administration and improved nursing routines.
  • Improved Medication Storage: Better organization and optimization of storage space.
  • Increased Patient Safety: Reduction in medication errors due to scannable patient wristbands and secure medication storage.
  • Robust Tracking and Accountability: Improved tracking and accountability in medication distribution.


The successful deployment of MedLink at RMS-KHUH has not only improved medication administration within the hospital but also set a precedent for standardizing workflows and enhancing patient care across medical facilities in Bahrain.

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