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Pharmasave Gananoque, a high-performing community pharmacy in Ontario, Canada, sought to manage increased labor demands exacerbated by the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. They turned to technology for a solution and found it in the Kirby Lester KL108, a robotic filling device.

Meeting High Labor Demands with Robotic Assistance

Daryl and Eric McElwain, the father-and-son team behind Pharmasave Gananoque, faced tremendous challenges in managing increased workload due to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. With pharmacies being pushed to their operational limits, the team recognized that doing more with the same staff level was a formula for failure. Their challenges also included:

  • Scaling for the pharmacy’s role as a healthcare partner, not just a prescription filler.
  • Maintaining efficiency and accuracy while toiling for months on vaccine administration.

Kirby Lester KL108: The Game-Changing Robot

To cope with these labor and operational challenges, they invested in the Kirby Lester KL108 robotic filling device. The device’s self-calibrating cassettes allowed for quick medication swaps, and it seamlessly filled the gap left by a departed employee. The robot essentially served as an extra technician, filling prescriptions for 10 hours a day and allowing the human staff to focus on more complex tasks like vaccine administration and customer service.


  • Labor Efficiency: One employee could be let go without needing a replacement due to the robot’s efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Perception: Clients and local physicians took notice of the pharmacy’s cutting-edge technology.
  • Expanded Service Range: Freed human resources to explore new services like genetic testing and more travel vaccine plans.
  • Immediate ROI: The robot paid for itself, especially when combined with advantageous tax clauses.


The Kirby Lester KL108 robotic filling device has proven to be an invaluable asset for Pharmasave Gananoque. It not only filled a labor gap but also provided the pharmacy with the ability to efficiently manage a much greater workload, offering flexibility to enter new markets and services. Given the success, investing in technology like the KL108 robotic filling device is a compelling solution for pharmacies facing labor shortages and operational strain.