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Steve Maki founded Spruce Mountain Pharmacy in 2009, aiming for a more patient-focused approach. In the face of industry challenges, Maki has implemented innovative technologies like scripClip to enhance efficiency in the will call process and expand services such as vaccinations and diabetic education, demonstrating a commitment to superior patient care.

Spruce Mountain Pharmacy’s Challenges

  • Inventory and Staff Management: Efficiently managing inventory control, return-to-stock processes, and the training and coordination of pharmacists, technicians, and students.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic Adaptations: Adjusting operations and best practices to continue serving patients effectively during and after the pandemic.
  • Financial Pressures from DIR Fees: Managing the financial impact of Direct and Indirect Remuneration fees on the pharmacy’s profitability.
  • Technological Implementation and Maintenance: Investing in and managing advanced systems like scripClip will-call automation to reduce errors and save time.


  • Adoption of scripClip Will-Call Automation: Implemented scripClip technology to reduce errors and save time in medication retrieval and inventory management. “The time-saving innovation just struck a chord with me,” Maki says. “Every additional safeguard to help a small independent pharmacy get the right drug to the right patient matters.”
  • Expansion of Services: Increased offerings such as vaccinations, point-of-care testing, and diabetic education to meet patient needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Collaboration with Primary Care Providers: Established systematic processes and strong communication with primary care providers to ensure cohesive and comprehensive patient care.
  • Operational Efficiency and Best Practices: Regularly reassessed and adopted new best practices to improve efficiency, manage financial pressures like DIR fees, and ensure safe and effective pharmacy operations.


  • Time Savings: The automated system eliminates time wasted searching for bags, boosting overall efficiency. “The return-to-stock function makes life so much easier, allowing staff members to just click a few buttons and light up 20 bags at once. In the old days, return to stock was a nightmare scenario,” Maki says.
  • Error Reduction: scripClip ensures accurate bag retrieval by checking patient names and birth dates, reducing errors.
  • Better Inventory Control: The return-to-stock function simplifies inventory management, enhancing customer service.
  • Expanded Services: Efficiency from scripClip has allowed the pharmacy to expand services like vaccinations and diabetic education.
  • Improved Collaboration: scripClip provides a verifiable chain of custody, improving coordination with healthcare providers and preventing duplicate therapies.


Minimized risk and improved efficiency have made the scripClip investment well worthwhile, especially as Spruce Mountain Pharmacy has expanded services.

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