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Wye Valley NHS Trust in England was working to roll out a new Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system across its healthcare network, which included a small county hospital and satellite community hospitals. The Trust had a two-phase program, first focusing on replacing the existing Patient Information System (PIS) and theatre systems, and the second phase aimed to enhance clinical functionality and data documentation. They sought a trolley platform that could support these systems and evaluated various options before settling on Capsa Healthcare’s M38e Mobile Computing Carts.

Challenges at Wye Valley NHS Trust

  • Technology Limitations: Many of the Trust’s existing trolleys had aging batteries, limiting their mobility and function.
  • Enhanced Clinical Functionality: The second phase required equipment that could be flexibly configured for various clinical tasks like ward rounds, pathology, sample collection, and patient observation.
  • User-Friendly: The Trust wanted a solution that was not only durable but also clinician-friendly.

Capsa Healthcare M38e: The Right Solution

After multiple rounds of testing and gathering clinician feedback, Wye Valley NHS Trust decided that the M38e Mobile Computing Carts by Capsa Healthcare were the best fit. These trolleys were durable, easy to use, and most importantly, could be configured for various clinical tasks. They were delivered to the county hospital, configured, charged, and then deployed to the satellite hospitals. Quick user guides were developed for clinicians to ensure smooth operation.


  • Reliable Computing: The deployment of M38e trolleys provided reliable computing capability across the Trust’s network.
  • Flexibility: The carts are configurable for specific departments or workflows, offering a stable platform for care delivery.
  • Clinician-Friendly: Feedback from clinicians confirmed that the M38e trolleys were easy to use and maneuver, meeting one of the critical evaluation metrics.
  • Effective Support: Capsa’s after-sales service was outstanding, and any issues encountered were quickly resolved.


The adoption of Capsa Healthcare’s M38e Mobile Computing Carts successfully addressed Wye Valley NHS Trust’s needs, providing a durable, flexible, and clinician-friendly platform. This has set the stage for the implementation of a new EPR system aimed at enhancing clinical functionality and patient care. The trust has effectively moved closer to its goal of improving healthcare services with the help of this stable and reliable computing platform.

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