RoboPharma specializes in custom-designing high-speed, hub-and-spoke central filling solutions suitable for local, regional or national level pharmacies. RoboPharma systems are capable of filling up to 100,000 prescriptions per day, and are proven to dramatically reduce dispensing errors, time and costs in the spoke pharmacies. Below is a brief explanation of RoboPharma’s central filling automation model.

Central Filling: Prescriptions are sent in from the patient’s own pharmacy. When the prescription is received, the central fill pharmacy then efficiently dispenses the medicines and checks and labels the individual packages; packs all prescriptions in a patient-specific bag or box; and sorts the prescriptions for transport. Once completed, orders are shipped back to the local pharmacy, and the patient then picks up locally. Optionally, patient pickup can be automated using the RoboPharma RoboWall 24/7 collection point.

A RoboPharma central filling site can fulfill up to 100,000 prescriptions per day. Each custom-designed system consists of:

  • RoboPharma central filling software that includes ordering, receiving, processing, validating, dispensing, checking, sorting, user identification, track-and-trace of all steps during the filling process, logging, and reporting functions.
  • RoboPharma dispensing systems and/or RoboPharma sorting systems.
  • RoboLabel or AutoLabel systems to check, label, and fill totes (or other transport method).
  • Sorting racks, flow racks, trolleys, and/or conveyers.
  • RoboPharma technical and business consultants are expert at fully utilizing available space to achieve maximum results, and custom-designing the hardware and software for each installation.
  • Close planning with all stakeholders and business partners, including architects, shop-fitters, and software providers.
  • World-class service and support to ensure the highest uptime.