Automated Dispensing – NexsysADC
Controlled Substance Management: Be Prepared for a DEA Audit

73% of ASCs store narcotics manually in a safe or closet with no technology backup or user tracking! Capsa’s NexsysADC is ideal for surgery center medication management, security, and inventory control in surgery centers. This simple, secure system fully manages the onsite storage of controlled meds and high-value supply items, but at a fraction of the price of alternative automated cabinets.

Explore how NexsysADC can be the missing technology to make your ASC defensible against potential diversion, inventory discrepancies, and DEA audits. Now in a countertop version, the NexsysADC 4T fits any med room, formulary or budget.

  • Increase visibility to inventory levels
  • DEA compliance
  • Tighten control of controlled meds
  • Reduce waste
  • Simplify documentation
  • Protect against diversion
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Practical Technology for ASCs

Save Time, Streamline Documentation

Protect Controlled Meds
Properly Manage Inventory
Track & Control Access

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NexsysADC Automated Dispensing Cabinet

How NexsysADC Works for ASCs

NexsysADC is available as a free-standing 10-tier main cabinet or a new countertop size 4-tier cabinet.  In either size, your ADC will store, track, and dispense controlled medications, and high-value meds, supplies, and surgery kits in one or multiple NexsysADC cabinets. Staff member access is controlled with biometric, or card, or typed ID. With intuitive software and pick-to-light technology, you’ll find the exact medication or supply needed for the procedure, automatically log the transaction and update the inventory, and get on to what you do best: Caring for your patient.

Secure and track access to syringes, ampules, vials, oral doses, dermal fillers, high-value supplies and kits

NexsysADC Organizes Surgery Center Medication Storage, Search & Access Into 3 Zones

1. Controlled Medications & Substances
Controlled and high-value medications are safely guarded in CAMs (controlled access modules) with tamper-evident locking lids. Each CAM holds up to 25 SKUs; each NexsysADC cabinet holds up to 10 CAMs.  Tamper-evidence technology included.

2. Open Cell Medication Bins
Routine meds, expensive items like dermal fillers, and surgery kits are efficiently managed in dividable, locked open-matrix bins, with pick-to-light guidance.

3. Bulk Supplies & Kits
Bulk supplies and larger items are stowed neatly in configurable, locked supply drawers, with pick-to-light guidance.

NexsysADC software tracks inventory and every transaction. You can access data 24/7 from any device, in any location. It’s that simple, that automated, and yes, that affordable for ASCs.

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