The Strategic Importance of Custom Medical Carts

The Strategic Importance of Custom Medical Carts

Custom medical carts are transforming the delivery of patient care. As telehealth gains prominence and the demand for specialized care grows, healthcare facilities must integrate technology directly at the point of care to enhance provider efficiency and patient outcomes. Capsa Healthcare has over 60 years of engineering products that streamline care delivery and is an established leader in custom Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) solutions that seamlessly incorporate technology to improve care. This article explores the strategic importance of custom medical carts, detailing Capsa’s end-to-end process and its positive impact on healthcare providers and patients.

Custom Medical Carts by Capsa Healthcare

The Imperative for Customization in Healthcare

Neat Frame on Tryten Cart

One-size-fits-all approaches are becoming obsolete, especially with the rise of telehealth and specialized care. Capsa Healthcare’s Tryten S1 Tablet Cart is a prime example of their commitment to tailored solutions. This cart is not just a mobile platform for telehealth but also features a wide range of configuration and accessory options, enhancing its usability and patient care. In partnership with rtNOW, it provides a secure and mobile platform for telehealth, improving care accessibility.

Partnering with Capsa, Neat seamlessly integrated the Neat Frame with the Tryten cart, enhancing patient care and usability. Josh Starkey from Neat praises Capsa’s approach: “The simplicity, ease of use, and clean aesthetic of both products made it a no-brainer as the two solutions are the perfect complement to each other.”

Miniaturization and Telehealth: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare

Portable Ultrasound System on Tryten Cart

The miniaturization of medical devices and advancements in telehealth set new standards in healthcare delivery. Capsa’s custom carts integrate these devices, enabling providers to deliver superior care efficiently. Robert Marsella, Principal Technical Program Manager at Butterfly Network Inc., emphasizes that the Tryten Cart adds hands-free value to their portable ultrasound system. “The Tryten S1 Tablet Cart and customized solution for our Butterfly iQ+ Ultrasound System has been an added value to our POCUS customers desiring an enhanced hands-free solution.”

Nicholas Luthy, Chief Product Officer at Collette Health, appreciates their partnership with Capsa Healthcare, saying, “Our partnership has been flexible and constructive. Our customers tell us the end product is sleek and sexy while maintaining a low-profile, unobtrusive footprint.” This collaboration underscores Capsa’s value in accommodating miniaturized medical devices.

Telehealth has proven beneficial in various healthcare settings. In chronic disease management, it allows for regular monitoring of a patient’s health status, leading to early detection of complications and timely intervention. In emergency services, it supports timely patient transport and treatment decision-making, potentially saving lives. The American Medical Association notes that virtual care impacts clinical outcomes, safety, access to care, and health equity, making it a valuable tool in modern healthcare.

Capsa’s End-to-End Custom Cart Solution

Capsa’s comprehensive approach, which reflects its philosophy of “Engineering a path to better care,” is designed to reassure healthcare professionals about the thoroughness of its solutions. Each stage, from initial consultation to delivery, aligns with improving workflows, productivity, and mobility. Incorporating telehealth and miniaturization into custom carts ensures forward-thinking solutions.

The Capsa Difference: Engineering a Path to Better Outcomes

What sets Capsa apart is its innovation and partnership. The Tryten S1, S2, and S5 carts exemplify their vision of accessible, patient-centric care. The collaboration with rtNOW expanded telehealth to deliver remote respiratory care through mobile platforms. This, among other case studies, underscores Capsa’s ability to meet specific needs, catalyzing positive change in healthcare.

Zoom Communications’ Enterprise Healthcare Lead Felipe Henao adds, “Capsa has been an invaluable partner for Zoom Rooms in the healthcare vertical. The lightweight, durable, and overall nimble nature of the Tryten product line allows for our Zoom Room Kiosks and Telehealth Family Visitation stations to be deployed in all sorts of scenarios.”
Capsa Healthcare Custom Medical Carts


Integrating medical devices and telehealth systems requires a partner who understands healthcare workflows. Capsa provides custom OEM cart solutions that prioritize innovation and security. These carts not only address current healthcare challenges but also pave the way for future advancements. For instance, our carts are designed to be easily upgradable, ensuring they can adapt to future technological developments. These carts shape a future where healthcare delivery is more efficient and accessible, engineering a path to better outcomes.

Explore Capsa’s custom OEM cart solutions to understand how they can align with your healthcare vision, providing a collaborative partner to advance the future of patient care.

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